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 +====== Banks, Business, Captital ======
 +//​“History never told and only known to those few that financed it.”//
 +[[https://​​swiss_study_shows_147_technocratic_super_entities_rule_the_world#​swiss_study_shows_147_super_entities_rule_the_world|Swiss study shows 147 technocratic super entities rule the world]]
 +For the benefit of a handful of corporations,​ or a monarchy, or a deity the entire system is facade, manipulated and controlled. For monarchs it may be about survival, while for others it is entirely about taking and owning the entire wealth of the earth. These groups are beyond the law and utilise institutions for their needs. While these major players exist and seek to dominate all business and account for more than 75% of world business ​ their is also a possibility for anyone to do business.
 +Humans naturally have needs and the work of satisfying those needs is a man's business. A majority part of human energy in any time has been to take value and own it in order to raise ones existence. In controlling the interest he commands his will onto others, and whole groups parasite off him.
 +One cannot understand this world without having a handle on business, in the modern world you are eating lunch because someone started a business. Business, companies and corporations arise to provide services and products in return for a fee. It the modern world and as we move closer to socialism, business is largely illegal in preference for force backed government rackets over the population. It is not easy to run a business.
 +The biggest industries...
 +  * Imperialism - the land you stand on and wealth therein including you.
 +  * Banking - lending money at interest to nations or bonds paid in citizens labour via taxes a form of slavery. These loans are forced on nations, debt bondage and the contracts awarded to close associates.
 +  * Oil & gas. Energy - without it we are back to horse and carriage. "​Battle over resource control"​
 +  * Arms - you sell arms, you need wars or you go out of business.
 +  * Narcotics (illegal, dangerous)
 +  * Retail - selling needs and wants to the population of the Earth.
 +In the 20th century "The American Century"​ the world economy was controlled by...
 +  * Rockefeller - [[https://​​video/​P35YuEW45RMI/​|How Big Oil Conquered the World]]
 +  * Morgan
 +  * Kuhn Loeb
 +  * Mellon
 +  * Dupont
 +Three big parties that are non-American are...
 +  * Vatican
 +  * Royal Family Of Europe
 +  * Rothchilds
 +The American industrialists have called "the Asian Century"​ and therefore we shall see new sub Asian players. The goal is global enslavement of humanity and two thirds of the world'​s population are not slaves and therefore the Asian century will bring these people into the economic programme.
 +Companies that people believe are the fabric of an unowned state are in fact corporations of persons, the central banking system, the United Nations are like Federal Express, the IMF, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, WHO, World Health Organization. BIS, CFR Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations, CIA, the Federal Reserve and many others are the ownership of these eight or so people.
 +The use of business entities to avoid attention. These are the biggest corporations.
 +  * Barclays
 +  * Goldman Sachs
 +  * JPMorgan Chase & Co
 +  * Vanguard Group
 +  * UBS
 +  * Deutsche Bank
 +  * Bank of New York Melon Corp
 +  * Morgan Stanley
 +  * Bank of America Corp
 +  * Société Générale
 +A system of global debt bondage exists, where foreign presidents and ministers that have protested have been removed, replaced, assassinated or otherwise attacked by the military. Over time the only persons survive in positions of authority are those that go with the flow. The incidents pertaining to persons follows this order removed fail, assassinated fail, attacked.
 +The Federal Reserve and the Central Banks are then created solely for the purpose of monopolizing wealth for its certificate holders, fragmented wealth purchased with money generated arbitrarily out of thin air. Some eight families account for large portion of the global economy. They also use trusts as a trans-generational or trans-mortalis tools to endow their prodigy.
 +  - [[https://​​doco.php?​a=Who Starts And Profits From Global War|Who Starts And Profits From Global War]]
 +  - [[https://​​doco.php?​a=Glenn Beck Exposes the Private Fed Gets Fired by Fox|Glenn Beck Exposes the Private Fed]]
 +  - [[https://​​doco.php?​a=Giants Who Really Rules The World|Giants Who Really Rules The World]]
 +  - [[https://​​video/​4CGPfAu2XWfr/​|Money As Debt I]]
 +  - [[https://​​video/​UHyjT8NyTnQX/​|Money As Debt II]]
 +  - [[https://​​video/​HcbOHyiptJyv/​|Money As Debt III]]