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 +====== Family ======
 +{{ :​the_briefing:​family.jpg?​direct&​400|}}
 +Parents can be good and a fine experience for child but parents can also be bad and bad parents are a terrible and horrible situation.
 +Family is important, you are in the care of your parents and family but you also care for your parents and family. If you stay too long you will have your prospects ruined by parents. Parents had you from the youngest of ages and so they have a hold on you like none else and they might use that hold can ruin you or it can make you. Many children are self-serving for parents that is the child exists to keep the parents status of importance as long they are in the house they never age and the parents always focussed around upbringing.
 +The person will feel strong to leave but if he waits too long he may lose his strength to leave, an offspring must lay plans and goals to get away from their parents when they can. A child is doing the right by moving on their own.