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 +====== Monarchy ======
 +{{ :​feudal-system.gif?​direct|}}
 +Their are some new terms for persons that have been available from some time. The aristocrats,​ the patrician v. the plebeians, the blue bloods, nobility.
 +All of the taxes that you pay that you wonder where do the taxes go, the answer is the aristocrats manipulate the system so the taxes go to them. Wonder no more little one.
 +The head of many nations are something called a monarch and such systems have specially chosen people placed in position to watch over all proceeding and intercede, the public are unaware.
 +Aristocrats have a different attitude to life than common people.
 +===== Bastardry =====
 +Monarchy regimes practice bastardry, which is being a nemesis. The state acts as a nemesis towards society and towards chosen individuals in it. They engage in ongoing military operations against civil society, for example they seize the guns then raise the taxes. This bastardry is designed to agitate for war to bring clarity to the situation. These agitations by the monarchy is not understood by the public because they are not in a state to be capable to understand to bring organized powers against the bastardry and so it persists until such a time.
 +The monarchy is a natural form of government, a successful family becomes government. The monarchy is an aristocratic organization that has a very low opinion of those outside its group. As power is vested in the few and stripped of from the many, it is an oppressive and cruel arrangement for all except the chosen few. The monarchy owns everything and in turn attempt to kill everyone resulting in a poor existence, when socialism rises against monarchy then people get better conditions.
 +Monarchy like deity are similar in that they both hoard up and beat down using para-militaries,​ laws, economics and religions. They also plant their people in institutions that appear unassociated termed "​cronies"​ and other systems that prolong their position. The contrast in wealth between the monarch and the combined population is ridiculously out of proportion and such a situation can go on indefinitely. The richest persons on Earth are monarchs and persons within the Royal Family.
 +People try to run their own families like the royal family, for example preference for the eldest male instilled in inheritance laws...
 +  * The eldest son
 +  * If the eldest son is dead but left children of his own, then to his children in this sequence:
 +  * His oldest son who is either alive or has died leaving issue of his own
 +  * If no sons and no issue of sons, then to his daughters as a group.
 +  * If the eldest son is dead and has no issue, then the next oldest son who is either living or has left issue of his own (as in the sequence above)
 +  * If there are no sons and no issue of sons, then the daughters inherit as a group, sharing the inheritance equally. If any daughter is dead, then her own children (in the above sequence) inherit her share.
 +  * If there are no living issue of the deceased, then his eldest brother (of the same mother) who is either living or has left issue
 +  * If he had no brothers, then his sisters (or their issue) inherit as a group.
 +  * If the deceased had no siblings by the same mother, then we apply Rules 5-7 to determine the his heir