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 +====== Police ======
 +The Police was formed as a domestic force to protect the monarchy against internal revolution.
 +They take from the system of highway robbery. Frisking, searching, roadblocks and more are mainly techniques used to gather and steal valuables. A case of your money or your life. The Police will set up a roadblock, wave people down, tell them to empty their pockets and search their vehicles for the primary purpose of collecting objects of value and then taking those objects as an on the spot fine in return for release of some arbitrary crime they have supposed you have committed like bringing "​fruit"​ into the country. Fruit is place holder word. The seizure of the "​fruit"​ or a fine due to the "​fruit"​ is an arbitrary crime to legitimize theft. Frisk, "do you have any sharp objects"​ the emptying of the pockets or the search of a vehicle is for the collection of valuables that are taken and the "​suspect"​ is waved on without their belongings. ​
 +The various army officials set up their roadblocks, anyone coming through would be stopped, searched and have their belonging stolen from them. The various army generals would become rich while the people under arrest would fall into hard times. The Police are simply a paramilitary of the same effect.
 +In many places high ranking Police officers double as the crime activity in the city. Smuggling (cigars, whisky, drugs, girls and so on) in and out of the city for profit is a key activity because the Police are generally the people who bust the transport of substances. For example the supply of some drug in and out of the city is conducted safely with the oversight of Police officer in charge, and profits large from the operation. The business that people run are protected through payments to a Police of the area. If the business owner does not pay then he sends Police to arrest the patrons and then orders the business to close down. 
 +In some places Police do generally get away with murder, figuratively and literally. The Political and legal system overlook the murder and theft from civilians. Be very aware of operations in such places for such operations commonly lead to beatings, torture and death by sadistic officers. In other places where conditions are better a Police officer may seek promotion by creating crime and then solving it. It is common for Police to ignore crime out of some prejudice or disdain for the community. Certain minorities are far less likely to report crime due to bias, being targeted as criminals and ignored as victims of crime.
 +===== Police Beatings =====
 +Their are countless videos showing Police killing, beating people and engaged in criminal activities. It is very important for civilians to understand that being a Police officer is not an exemption from the law. They must also follow the law. In some places more than others.
 +===== Group Versus One, Group Versus Group or Bigger Group Versus Smaller Group =====
 +These Police gangs operate on the idea of the group versus the individual. In nature, their is an individual versus an individual, and superior to that is the group versus the individual and if the individual form their own counter group, then it becomes a case of the bigger group versus the smaller group. We are at a state today where the people must form the group to be group versus group.