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 ===== Magic ===== ===== Magic =====
-The belief in the powerful magician, causes persons to alter their behaviour ​but has no basis on the ritual itself. Identical to taboo of murdering a priest for exampleThese being all about the more intelligent mind operation. Concerning targeting pliable states ​in the human psychology such as offering no resistance in the hope of escaping death or injuryfear or being indoctrinated into beliefs from an early age where the brain is still forming ideas on normality or another aspect of the psychologyIdentifying these pliable states ​and then forming an agent targeting these states causes magic and the hidden agendas of states and religions to work+The terminology of magic has been shut down as hocus pocus but the point remains valid "human fallibility"​ and the thought and methods ​of exploiting human fallibilityHumans have severe physiological thresholds ​in their bodiestheir senses and their minds that are exploitableModern people are spellbound by religions, governments ​and other groups.
 +To make manifest what is said, they call law or gospel while they call it its effect "a spell"​. To be put down by Police they call "​casting",​ to be under a situation that you cannot break free they call "​hex"​. The terminology hides the reality.
 +The methods utilized from that are not are combined into what is called "a magic system",​ for example someone might educate a symbol to bring about a state while another instead does not utilize symbols.
 ===== The Business Of Brainwashing Children ===== ===== The Business Of Brainwashing Children =====
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