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Doing The Mindwork

Socialism is either evolutionary or revolutionary. Leninism is a strategy of triggering people's frustrations, whipping them up into a fervor and having them topple government and then ceasing power as tyrant and killing off as many people as possible. Trokyism is convincing a doner to bank roll your revolution as it take considerable funds to revolt. Many Socialists and into Unionism, because it promotes the workers right rather than the managements rights. The history or the world is Masters and Slaves, updated to Master, Servant only recently for political correctness. see Deontology. The art of Slavery must be understood from the French and Islamic historical narrative. The aspiration of qualities of a would be master and the dire situation of the slave. The last era of this slavery in the western world was the American slave experience. In parts of the world slavery continues and for some its a beneficial situation for others its a death sentence. The condition of people who know they are not aristocrats is an issue of existential importance. Historically trade unions and labour unions existed as guilds, it was not until the industrial revolution and later the American corporation with influence from the founding ideas of the USA did the trade union movement come about as we know it. In the early 1800's many men from large cities put together the organization which we now call the Trade Union Movement. In history, men worked long hours and at a wage if any set by the master if not in slavery. Poverty was widespread and one could not hope for any progression in life, the wealthy however got a deal. The trade union movement can be defined as an organization consisting predominantly of employees, the principal activities of which include the negotiation of rates of pay and conditions of employment for its members. Trade unions were effective in insuring the rights of workers, the eight-hour day movement and the forty-hour week movement, fair wage rates anti-slavery and improving conditions and organizing strike action if rights were not upheld. This was very effective in changing the way we live today and has allowed economic liberalism which allows people like you and I to be able a little better. However management is in war with labour unions and slowly the decline of union by government by segregating working to diminish their security away from union and into individual agreements has seen many assurances peeled away to reveal the dangerous repetition of the past. Business seeks to enslave the worker by dismantling the unions. Slave labour means cheap products and big profits and a satifying situation granted perpetuation. After the trade union movement and various struggles of people in slavery, it was determined that people, men and women are not property and not owned. Union men have a reputation for being tough, mean and fearless in the face of all opposition. They can orate to great effect. Powerful unions are a force. The infamous opposition to unions is something called “management”, while one can see management as parcel of the institution, one can also vehemently hate management with workers wondering why a union was even talking with “a person in management”. The politics of aristocracy, royalty and oligarchy have wanted to do away with unions completely along with the independent intelligence agency and international free of information attempts. This historically means slavery and a total imbalance of powers. A good politician knows when to move the union in and when to keep them out. Socialism The pyramid with the cap stone raised is a strategy to move into a society and form an elite group using an isntitution and then tax the people for their benefit. When a monarchy forms in a society it becomes disproportionally wealthy compared with the rest of society. While the people live in adject poverty the monarchy live in extreme luxery. For example the King of Xnation has an extimated worth of a 1 trillion dollars while the rest of the society combined has an estimated worth of 100 million. This leave the entire society captive to the monarch and it also leaves them in a terrible standard of living. Regardless of the -ism the eliting of any system has the same effect. The answer to this situaiton is called socialism. Socialism is about a general standard of living that no one in the society is allowed to fall below. At it fundamental it is free health care for all citizens, a reasonable rate of pay for labour, unemployment insurance, other prgrammes. Along with human rights and reasonable treatment by disproportional power. One need to dig to the bottom of bag of the human situation and remedy that in priority. How is this paid for, the payment for this system is done via the inflationary and deflationary curve. The economic system requires an amount of funds annually to avert recession. The amount of money required to avert recession that is inject into the system is the funds for the social programs. Problems, the elite do not like this system, the slavers want the banks to be the lender causing inflation that aids the elites, the slavers want to bond market peoples labour and create taxes as interest on those bonds. The slavers want everyone in debt and seek low or no wage slaves to profit off. The elites work to destroy socialism where ever it arises and it causes the brainwashed people to believe that socialism itself is not functional rather than see that it threatens the elites. Misinterpretations, socialism beats and kills the people it is designed to raise up.

The situation in society is one of poor condition for the poor and wealth rising to the aristocrats and Marxism is a movement concerned with a more equal distribution of wealth and social guarantees regardless of monetary income. As the aristocrats and deities manipulate the system to control wealth, the people become none more than slaves and live under terrible conditions. The historical outcomes are poverty, demonized, criminalized, degraded, tortured and punished. Eventually the people must combine and overthrow the system that suppresses them. Only Marxism has shown to be the king killer. “Unions” under the banner or communism, Marxism and socialism as the ethos of the common man and his condition in society do organizers recruit to overthrow the government.

One of the most ancient stories from Mesopotamia is the story of the Igigi and a workers strike and revolt against the Anunaki. “The Igigi being forced to dig a watercourse, got tired of it, so they revolted against Enlil, one of the head Anunnaki. They burned their tools and surrounded Enlil’s estate. When the Anunnaki realize that the Igigi were not going to give up the strike, they decide it is time for a new solution to their labour problem—and no that solution is not machines or robots but instead that solution is the creation of human beings. Of course the aristocrats will say that God loved Adam and Eve and made them because God is the paragon that requires mini me's, but that is not the original story.

The non-communist system, taxes the people to give to aristocrats by manipulating the acts or law, such as tax schemes as interest for their funds such as bond markets or national lending markets where the aristocrats are the primary fund contributor and the interest on loans are taxes. These schemes are designed to render the people into poverty and slavery. Marxism aims to fix this situation through an ethos of the worker rights. However, the outcome of society is always corruption, that is just human nature and the outcome of socialism is also corruption. In socialism the money is generated for socialist programs where public officials play a shell game with the funds for the program. Communist government are also much more violent and hard-line than non-communist systems, rarely endowing the people with rights. When communism is ignorant, you are stuck with it without reprieve, as if every socialist program come from God. “You only want to be responsible for yourself, you do not want to pay for someone else behaviour”, Socialist many times believes that if one person murders another, every person has to spend a day in jail or every one must pay so all the children can eat ice-cream, well what if you do not have any children. So socialism is a nightmare, you only ever want to be responsible for yourself, you never want to be responsible for another because behaviours are not identical. No one cares about a public toilet and public toilets are disgusting, every use it and some else has to clean it, no you want to be able to use and maintain your own toilet so you can guarantee it is clean.

These are several other institutions that people have made that come under attack because they do not add to the slave and control mentality of the aristocrats but are contrary to it.

  • Illicit media such as Wikileaks.
  • Legal rights that limits institutions capacity to suppress persons.
  • Independent versions of the major institutions or organizations within institutions.
  • Independent intelligence agency that release classified information freely that depict national crimes or provide insight into secretive operations.
  • Citizen hearings.
  • Revolts, people activate to overthrow the government because they have had enough, include rising taxes, cruel punishments, encroaching on their lifestyles and enjoyments.
  • International criminal courts, that try state protected persons with war crimes, that states are vehemently against.

Universal Health Care

This scheme proposes 100% free health care for all persons this replaces a unjust system of paid healthcare. In user funded healthcare many people do not receive healthcare and suffer and die, society exhibits ghastly illustrations of downtrodden people that are extremely shocking, for example the insane mingle with the sane on the streets.

It their is 100% coverage for no cost then the system design is elegant. Achieving that elegance is for a lack of thought.

Universal health care systems have been adopted by many nations and the use of an index with indicators can determine who is doing it the best and why and this data offers insight to improving the system. It is not to be discounted that a healthy lifestyle that keeps out of sickness reflect positively on the health care system.

The nations with the best health care systems by (WHO) index are…

  1. France
  2. Italy
  3. Singapore
  4. Spain
  5. Japan
  6. Oman

While, some of the worse are….

  1. Romania
  2. Indonesia
  3. Jordan
  4. Argentina
  5. Mexico
  6. Poland

The reasons why and system improvements in cost, no costs and outcomes are forever to be contemplated. It appears that the less corrupt persons are the better the system as a whole. This means a group to investigate bribes, scams and more that undermines the success of the system. For example pharmaceutical companies can push poisonous medicines and over prescribe medications though their influence on the medical community.

Socialism Vs Capitalism Simplified

Socialism is simply nationalized insurance. And it is usually against the worst of situations. Nationalized health insurance, insurance against unemployment and so on. The government is tasked to provide a comprehensive insurance policy against sub standard living conditions.

Capitalism on the other hand, is collecting taxes to give to the elites. Imagine you have a bank account and the bank says you get 5% interest. The government receives deposits from kings and queens and then returns interest i.e you taxes to them.

So do you want a system where the taxes cover you personal situation or a system where taxes are sent to the wealthiest people on Earth?

Why does Socialism fail. I mean insurance is not that hard.

Socialism generally fails because government is exceptionally corrupt and in many ways. Socialism also fails because the elites are vehemently against free peoples. The two systems cannot co-exist capitalism or socialism, side by side. Today in the USA, the interest on bonds paid in taxes is nearly 1 trillion dollars annually and that leaves no funds for social security. The result is shocking social conditions while Aramco's market cap is 2 trillion dollars. A vast disparity.

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