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 +====== You ======
 +//What is a smell or a taste, I dare you to put into words. I say you cannot. What we all are is just as indescribable, beyond words. It is said that we come from a being that is so magnificent and beyond a name. The Sun placed in the sky by the being out of concern for us here on Earth. That we should not feel abandoned instead assured that no matter how it strange it seems the being is not so far away.//
 +//Success is the antidote//
 +{{ :the_briefing:needs.png?direct&550|}}
 +The fundamental list of human needs such as Henry Murray (1893-1988) and Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs is an important practical list to consult. Use this checklist to understand yourself a little better and to understand those around you a little better. It is not only about securing the need, but it is also bout the quality of the secured need.
 +Some societies have a bad habit of polluting the environment and intentionally, while other societies do not understand engineering so you will have to become a practitioner of both well-built facilities and good quality met needs.
 +  * Breathing, you can only live a few minutes without air so air is the most important, so do nothing that inhibits breathing rather do what enhances breathing ability. Breathing unhindered is very important. If you can not take a full breath or are unable to yawn naturally, then take attention. Only an idiot hinders his ability to breathe. Take time to secure good air quality. Some societies wear surgical masks, people who ride bikes wear surgical masks and a day of riding causes visible dust stain on the mask. If you shine a torch you will see particles in air all the time.
 +  * Hydration, the second most important, you may live for months without food but only several days without water. Water is special for every cell in the body, water should have no taste, if water has taste then it has foreign additives. Take time to secure a pure form of water. The fondness one has with water should be lifelong, ingrained in the young and it ought to be without additives that hinder the relationship with the nature of water. The nature of water is a baseline frequency therefore it has special qualities.
 +  * Sleep with rest, very important, often underestimated one requires good rest. Rest, relaxation are big payoff's in modern life, that end of year holiday is about breaking free, resting, relaxing. Teenagers do not rest in sleep because their parents are creating dysfunction in them, parents might generate dysfunction in children in order to sabotage their ability to be independent.
 +  * Exercise, do exercise to keep body in cardio, strong. The best martial arts, are mixed martial arts, with Muay Thai or Kick-boxing standing and Brazilian Jujitsu for groundwork. Bodybuilding and running and walking. Strengthen pelvic floor for premature ejaculation. People prefer slim young bodies. Think about a dose of human growth hormone in your teenage years at your own risk. Perform ad hoc eugenics with people that have attributes you would desire.
 +  * Food, people prefer slim bodies sexually and socially, if you live in the western world then food is over emphasized. Proper function suggest a height - 100 to weight ratio. Exceeding proper weight will cause one pain. Food is like a balance too little and too much are both problems. The human body is a reactor, it reacts to the condition that it finds itself, for example if we body build the body goes into a muscle production mode to better perform under the situation, if we stop bodybuilding the body reverts to releasing the muscle it has produced. It is not the act of bodybuilding which builds muscle, it is the body's reaction to a situation. We can identify two modes, the anabolic mode and the ration mode, and we either want to put the body into an anabolic mode with minimal effort to be muscular and look good, or we do not want to trip modes and cause the body to ration its resources. If we cut a resource that the body depends on it will react to that situation and may begin to retain what we otherwise what less of such as fats. The body works in milligrams so modest food quantities is important, does not require much food. It is believed that intermittent fasting helps health immensely. However, if a person eats sugars and carbs the body will store the fat and use the sugars. If you supply the body with fats but no sugars and carbs then the body will use the fats. Meats, fish are the best food, eggs are the best food as an entire bird is produced with the contents of an egg, milks are the best food as calf are raised purely on mothers milk. Every cell in the body needs water, it is the super food of the human body. Chocolate, vegetables and fruit are important. Proteins based diet is preferred as muscle building is produced with proteins.  Cultures and some people are able to stay slim and healthy because there they and their culture is correct in regard to health while other cultures and people are abhorrently obese. You may need to gravitate away from such cultures and people and into a culture that is sensible about food. Low food quantity is key to staying slim. Cultures that store food may have too easy access to food and result in obesity.
 +  * Stress, some people get their pacification from the pain of others and the state uses stress to hurt people because broken people are unable to mount any challenge and therefore the state invests large in breaking people. Some people are just incompatible, their involvement causes stress. Many times one is not able to understand the cause but it may be stress related and how stress manifests itself in a range of behaviours, mood feeling down, mildly depressed, mildly insane, mildly suicidal, feeling tired, mental performance, strange body pains and more. Many times the stress developments a persons abilities to handle more and to learn to manage better, one accepts the pain and allows themselves to change, in other to become better suited to what they want to become, other times there is no payoff and one can remove the cause or if the cause is unresolvable suffer endlessly such as the array of physical destruction caused in the legal, government systems. People dealing with the state or fighting the state, or in the course of business have suffered real health problems. Constant fear, anger may not allow you to rest adequately.
 +  * The Sun, causes everything to grow and it is very important. Only an idiot will find the darkest place to spend most of his time. Smarter people eye out the sunlight and the view. When we go on a holiday we tend to follow the sun.
 +===== No 1: Self Defence - Martial Arts =====
 +Some come from violent families and they will threaten people with violence and so one is encouraged to hold martial art skill in the event that one is confronted by a violent person.
 +If you are part of peoples that do not have a violent or aggressive temperament or do not come from an aggressive family you may become the target of those that do. Some people are aggressive and violent and come from families that instruct their children to be violent, an unprovoked encounter can turn your perfectly healthy child into brain-dead and on life support, mentally disabled requiring twenty-four hour care. You will not want such to be the situation, you will need to address this by practising, instructing your child on self-defence.
 +The biggest lesson here is to move!
 +If you are struck, then move. Do not play dead, remain still, turn the other cheek, attempt kung fu or perform the many bizarre actions that people at times perform instead primarily the basic, simple and natural action is to move on attack, jump back in the attempt to move out of range, keep injury to a minimum by taking the evasive action. An attacker must also feel safe in his violence and the worst that you can do is offer safety by not reacting. Do not meet people after school to fight with them, do not initiate the fight, do not allow fights to go on around you without observing and intervening. Do not attack people especially those less able than you because you fell safe to do so.
 +If you are struck jump back, move to a protected position where the strikes will be limited or cease completely. The aim is avert being put into permanent disability from the encounter and instead minor damage to gone with natural healing. When you jump back or move on attack, you can then regain composure in doing so you have an possibility of taking control of the situation. One you have regained composure, then the game is up, the only thought you can afford to have in your mind is to kill the attacker. Do not think of religions, diplomacy or allow the enemy any time. He must die. Return strikes and blows with a view to kill the attacker without relenting. Successive strikes to the face. That is the correct form of mind. Move, recompose and kill.
 +You will need to buy a punching bag to practice on. jabs, cross, hook, cuts. If the fight goes to the floor you have to learn to grapple. Brazilian Jujitsu is the grappling standard while Kick-boxing is the standard for upright fighting. If the attacker has a weapon run for your life, surviving is the goal and it is more important than attempting to obtain a win from the encounter.
 +When certain people go to clubs, if they do not get lucky there will be a fight by the end of the night. When the club ends or when it is time to leave, do not loiter make a quick get away have somewhere to go. People that fight can sense someone who can fight from someone who cannot fight and will go for the easy target, their state senses pheromones. Training will most likely exempt you from an encounter for an easy target. The intent of a fight is to be more worthy through killing as seen in the jungle and such is the attempt in human fighting as well.
 +The number one rule is self-defence.
 +===== No 2: Travel =====
 +Travel to places around the world, know what places you like from the places you do not like. Some of the best place are actually the worst, some of the worst places are actually the best.
 +The current situation, Here it is as follows...
 +  * standard of living
 +  * health and mortality
 +There are various indexes that provide insight into the situation of nations. When you travel look at the situation and say yes or no. Look at the taxation and government posture. In the USA no public health care people are charged 1 million dollars or more forcing bankruptcy. Some people in certain places never go outside because it is too cold. They go from the house to the car to work and back again, they are oblivious to their indoor lifestyle. Man does see with his eyes. He uses indicators, information or a measure to gauge what is actual. Utilize what raises your standard of living. That 6 seater spa bath is given away free, there is little effort in obtaining, it will have an uplifting effect in summer. Some places have natural disasters, some places have high taxes every one is stressed. Some governments are too oppressive/repressive while some lie, their freedoms are fake. Some rich places are poor and vice versa. Some places are cheap and money goes far while other places are expensive. Some places plenty of sex, some no sex. Some high IQ, some low IQ. When you travel you will know, while there are assholes everywhere, do not dismiss your inklings about a place.
 +The nations that allow you to achieve your human needs without interfering or prohibiting or regulating, or fighting against those that prohibit, interfere or regulate the achievement of your human needs against you. Here is a list of index.
 +  * Economic Freedom of the World Index
 +  * Human Freedom Index
 +  * Worldwide Press Freedom Index
 +  * World Index of Moral Freedom
 +  * MaxRange
 +  * Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Institute
 +  * Democracy Index
 +  * Freedom in the World
 +  * Freedom of the Press
 +  * Democracy-Dictatorship Index
 +  * Censorship by country
 +  * Corruption Perceptions Index
 +  * Ease of doing business index
 +  * Indices of economic freedom
 +  * Internet censorship and surveillance by country
 +  * Media transparency
 +===== No 3: The Only Thing You Need To Know In Life Is How To Collect Money =====
 +The only knowledge you really need to know and understand in life is; how to earn large amounts of money. Done. This is done through a job, profession. If the government likes you, then you can rise, if the government hates you, they will suppress. Simple as that. If the government hates you, then you might sabotage yourself, because a part of a persons mind represents the government and so a part of you might be against you. If a man is black in a white government, he has to be strong enough to contend with a part of his mind that is against himself and also with others in the environment who also have the government mind that is against the black, in order to rise. The governments main work is the suppression of society it hates, and they put great resources and employ millions of people to suppress society and persons. Do not believe in fake qualities of success, they are simply acceptable to the junta and their fake routine is tailored for acceptability not truth or facts. If you are acceptable to the state, you will rise. Sports would rather accept a black man who has talent than lose, and so the sports are dominated by black people, while government has no need for talent and is factually completely white. They earn large amounts of money despite the government ethos. Christianity only exists because it gained state acceptance and lives well off of state acceptance, other religions such as Falun Gong are wanted individuals and will be incarcerated, tortured, enslaved and murdered for their association. The two fates are like night and day. People do not loiter around, they seek state acceptance. Success on acceptance, destruction upon resistance, and therefore mass compliance for homoeostasis.
 +**More stuff**
 +Do not think in fantasy, dreams, wants, love or your issues or your wife's issues and likewise. Know what is the best available thinking and employ the best of available thinking. For example, one should never buy a house on dreams and fantasy or any other machinationa. He must look at every letter in the contract to be certain he is not being screwed. He must look at the social class of the location. If he does not he will surely become food for people who intentionally deceive and exploit people. This knowledge is not immediate to a person, he needs go to his study area and laboriously plough through mountains of boring papers.