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UFO Aliens

American enthusiasm, their is nothing in it. Piles on piles of reported incidents are all 100% bogus. No doubt their is life in the universe, but those reported incidents are not an example of them. No matter how convincing it appears to be, they are simply false. The only flying saucers in existence are those built by the U.S. air force purely for psyops. Project 1794, and it may have been an alien invasion scheme as a pretext to WWIII global government. However, the sci-fi design based on a frisbee is not the choice design for space vehicles and is a design put forward by humans and aliens would not be using frisbee saucer design. Any UFO story that is a frisbee saucer shape is man made such as the picture right shows. Once you identify the illegitimacy of the saucer shape the stories suddenly stop using saucer shape and start posting other shapes like cigar shapes, the cigar shape is the same shape as the man made rockets, so they assume perhaps the alien ship could be believable as being cigar shaped. Their may be also the possibility that people are having episodes like near death experiences. If you have one of these experiences you will need to get convincing proof.

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