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United States of America (In Greed We Trust)


Largely run by the Pentagon. A large group of companies views the Pentagon and the military budget as a primary means of business and profit. The President of the United States is a ceremonial position.

The United States is bad for freedoms in the world. Places like Syria and Libya will emerge into violent autocracy. Travel visa's and restrictions, red tape and security checks are efforts that western nations push and spread globally.

The United States scans the world for anything of value and then attempts to steal it using a myriad of covert and overt military actions. This activity is purely about business, companies, profits and little more, immediate monetary gains.

The United States does some action for only some time and then loses interest, it fails to finish any action it starts. You can be certain that any initiative it starts will be abandoned at a later time without conclusion like a badly educated child in a way that leaves you asking, why did you do that in the first place? The reply being what a fucked up person would say.

The United States has historically invaded only smaller nations with inadequate ability to defend themselves and declined military action against more formidable countries. This behaviour was largely before the nature of the “bully” and “wife beaters” was mapped out. A stronger person chooses to attack the weaker because he feels safer to do so. USA domestic internal society is largely about stronger group beating down on people with little to nothing. It is easy to do and they do it often. To promote its otherwise irrational behaviour it has to keep the public fooled and loosely repeats cartoon episodes of a superhero (who want to save the world) versus super villain (who wants to destroy the world). The United States will on average engage in war lasting a maximum of 15 years or less depending on causalities, the more casualties it faces the less duration of the engagement. The United States will have great difficulty in two or more simultaneous theatres. It is with 100% certainty that the United States intends and will invade Iran.

The United States has a standing army which makes constant war necessary. The United States will push for war even without any adversary, by cause the military budget is by in large the US economy.

USA prides itself on freedom and civility, this is largely used by the military to brainwash people into permitting some military action and the United States and The President still create propaganda promoting war to people for the reason of freedoms of foreign peoples or wars for helping foreign peoples. The United State is not free or freedom. It beats down and I would advise all not to do any business in the United States as its system is as phony as the paper it porns as money. The constitution of the United States is largely ignored, overridden and arbitrarily suspended. The people under military occupation. The United States promotes that is free and has freedom, but they are slaves and that slavery is enforced by its government.

The United States only value is the lies it tells. The reality is null and the lies are its value. The United States is a place of smoke and mirrors. The media differs from the reality, the citizens will never see one dime of the latest stimulus package but the media assures them they will. The minimum wage American citizen is practically a slave.

The United States believes in eating animals to extinction or consuming to extinction with no effect for the consequences. The end product of their system is rubbish. The entire Earth will become a polluted poisonous rubbish dump with no care to that process if they are not forcefully stopped.

The American people are friendly. The American people do not worship money like the Asians instead they crave it like a drug. The United States government could well be the most corrupt institution in the entire world. Its political system is dysfunctional, many -ism's without any cohesion lead to contradictory and bizarre experience for many. One law could secure a right, while another law could revoke the same right, an insane law could pass if it is well financed and even if it contradicts the constitution. This monetary driven pickle garden legal system is largely out of reach of most people and leaves some people in egregious situations and in egregious injustices. For example there is a law against excessive tax on the people, so there are many ways around this such as hundreds of taxes that equate to in fact excessive taxation. When the USA sells low taxes it in fact has high taxes.

The United States in the past has had ambition for world empire and designed much of its system with world empire in mind. World empire requires systems that are fit for world empire and the problems therein. The United States will not achieve world empire and will go the way of empires of the past. This did not come from foreign enemies instead from internal greed of its most wealthy who really have no ties to America as a concept or its people.

The United State fabricates incidents prior to engaging in armed conflict such as WMD's, Gulf Of Tonkin. This is not a question, the United States fabricate incidents prior to engaging in armed conflict. The United States has a history of fabricating incidents such as “The Gulf Of Tonkin” fabricated incidents as a pretext for Vietnam War. Falsely accused Saddam Hussain of owning “weapons of mass destruction” as a pretext to war. The United State people are forced to accept these fabrications as a pretext to war or risk being suppressed by the regime “The Dixie Chicks” Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks stood in front of a crowd at Shepherd’s Bush Empire Theatre in England, and uttered these words:

“Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”

The comments at the concert beginning a Dixie Chicks world tour sparked off possibly the biggest black balling in the history of American music. Spoken 10 days before the beginning of the Iraq War, the backlash took the Dixie Chicks from the biggest concert draw in country music to relative obscurity in country music in a matter of weeks.

The United States government is the largest murderer of people by far to date and hides its crimes. The Philippines Genocide, the Filipino-American War of 1899-1902 and genocide carried out by the United States of America on the people of the Philippines where 3 million lost their lives is one of many mass murder by United State around the world in South American, in South East Asia, in the Middle East and so on.

The United States has some of the largest business in the world, they are more and more being confronted by socialism, unionism, and so they go international to seek slave labour to make their products, so they can maximize profit. This is a major issue in the United States. There is also an internal exodus centred around differing tax rates, income, sales, property taxes of different states and business are disallowed from opening stores in many places in the USA by the government policy.

The United States is not a free nation exactly the opposite. They do not have universal heath care. Government greed routinely bankrupts the citizens and makes them homeless, the population is on hard drugs and more egregious atrocities occur on a daily basis.

The for profit prison system gets paid by prisoner and so it is the business of mass incarceration for the sake of profit. The health system is a for profit system and people go bankrupt. The state wants to turn homelessness in a business using the same model as the for profit prison system and so the more homeless the more funds they desperately need from the federal government. The legal system has dismissed the case in preference for the money in the case for example if a poor person has a constitutional level infringement, he is ignored but if that person is wealthy then it becomes high priority.

There are too many Jews in the United States especially in places like New York, people are brainwashed by Judeo Christian Bibles and act as if the Bible were important or even true. United States is largely operated by Africans and can be regarded as an African nation. While Jews receive extraordinary privileges in the United State the Africans obversely resisted with have high incarcerations rates.

Observe it coronavirus behaviour, its response should expose the violation in basic human treatment, their coronavirus response is criminally negligent, an atrocity on par with nations that perform arbitrary executions. The United States does not even have universal health care, what of the uninsured infected people? It is close to being a failed nation by every parameter, performing worse than third world countries. It now praises re-opening the nation when it has more active cases than all other nations combined, practically ignoring the human catastrophe, in denial and exhibiting the worst of human nature. Its half-hearted attempt at containment quickly lost interest and abandoned, now any person travelling in and out of the United State poses an international health risk, risking widespread re-emergence of the coronavirus or and an inability to end the virus.

They deploy the military domestically within the United States, make up their laws and shoot their own citizens.

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