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-====== White People ======+====== White People ====== ​
   * Prone to racism   * Prone to racism
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   * Prone to mutual annihilation and extremist postures.   * Prone to mutual annihilation and extremist postures.
   * Apartheid.   * Apartheid.
 +  * Prone to aristocratic cliques
 +Autopilot societies that are rotten from the top. A death cult. White civilizations are fake, the science is fake, the medicine is fake, the politics fake, the laws fake, the arts fake. They are all mere placebo'​s that hide a standard military no frills government or a monarchy. All of these structures are only applicable when the public is marginalized from them, when certain people are threatened, the system reveals that none of it applies and that it is militant.
 +They are not known to openly execute people in the streets in mass number as other regimes do, such as Arabic regimes or the Asian regimes, Stalin or Greco, but through major wars it will effectively achieve the same result while also hiding.
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