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Whitepaper Strategies For Removing Foreign Bases

White paper on Effective Protests

This is a whitepaper collecting strategies for removing foreign bases.

The French have possibly mastered the ability to be hated without it leading to war, if you are too nice about the base you will be ignored. You will have to accept being hated without it requiring murder from the base owner.

  1. Forcefully and strongly refuse any new bases.
  2. Send a 28 day vacation notice. Then walk in remove any persons, change the locks, shut off the water, gas and electricity. Tell whomever they are, do not come back here, tell the others. Guard your house, arrest and attack anyone that attempts to re-enter.
  3. Lease some land and develop a foreign base in the country that has a foreign base.
  4. Form an attack strategy on the economy of the nation with bases, as the funding decreases the bases will be weakened and abandoned.
  5. Have the entire region or world decry one base and force its removal, when that succeeds, decry another base.
  6. Form a military arm designed to strong arm the base out of the country.
  7. Form a civil armed revolution, that replaces the nations authority and attacks the bases.
  8. Form a federation with other nations having the same problem and use the combined force to remove one base at a time.
  9. Switch sides on the issues of foreign bases. Go see the opposing side and discuss removal of base.
  10. Use the appropriate time and moment to strong arm the base closure.
  11. Get big enough to be able to refuse foreign bases.
  12. Set up tenant - landlord contract lease on the base and abide by them.
  13. Parliament pass resolution calling for expulsion of bases and foreign forces from the country
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