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 +====== Cultural Use Of ISO Propyl Alcohol 100% ======
 +Pure alcohol is the best disinfectant possible. The alcohol environment kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus. Its home manufacture and its daily use should be promoted.
 +  * Spray your genitals each morning and before and after sexual intercourse. Do NOT gargle or rinse mouth with iso propl instead use drinkable alcohol named Ethanol or 190 proof. Gargle and spit. 
 +  * Do not scratch an itch instead spray and rub that itch.
 +  * Use anti-bacterial surfaces. Hard solid surfaces such as tiles, wood, stone are termed anti-bacterial rather than carpets that can be a nest to bacteria, insects...
 +  * Wash walls and floors, bathrooms with alcohol.
 +  * Invest in a mosquito trap.
 +  * Invest in air and water purification.
 +  * Advanced garbage and sewage system and treat with alcohol or incineration.
 +  * and generally use it for any purpose except...
 +Do not drink the alcohol as it contains a poison version of drinkable that will either make you go blind, make you ill or even kill you. Here is how to make it.
 +[[making_alcohol|]] \\
 +{{ ::​img_20200213_153935.jpg?​direct |}}
 +    ​
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