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Familgia Di Antonio Incremona

Name: Antonio Incremona
Date Of Birth: 22-01-1913
Born: Monterosso, Trecastagni Catania, Sicily, Italy
Died: 27-11-1987
Resided: Via Petrarca, Grammichele Catania, Sicilia, Italy
Spouse: Maria Gambino (Italian: from a diminutive of gamba ‘leg, probably applied as a nickname for someone with short legs. It was also an occupational name for an armourer specializing in the production of leg pieces.)
Date Of Birth: 20/05/1916
Born: Grammichele Catania, Sicilia, Italy
Died: 22/02/1960
Resided: Grammichele Catania, Sicilia, Italy


Salvatore Incremona
Michele Incremona
Born: 1-3-1941
Rosa Incremona
Spouse: Salvatore Casabene
Marital Status: Divorced
Siblings: Michael Casabene, Angela Casabene, Robert Casabene
Concetta Catarina Incremona
Born: 2-12-1948
Sibling: Isabella Incremona (adopted name Michelle), Born 11-1-1967 (2 half borthers)
Spouse: Bruno Ganino
Raffaele Ganino Born: 25-6-1974 (1 brother, 1 half sister)
Antony Ganino Born: 30-04-1976 (1 brother, 1 half sister)
Carmelo Incremona

Siblings of Michelle Isabella Incremona (Rochecouste)

Stephen Joshua b 16 Sept 1985 (24) he has two children of his own
Adam Martin Louis b 22 July 1988 (21)
Anna Maria b 7 July 1989 (20)
Anthony Michael b 3 Jan 1991 (19)
Jacinta Therese b 20 Jan 1992 (18)
Catherine Marie b 1 Mar 1993 (17)
Veronica Frances b 31 Aug 1996 (13)
Jacquelyn Claire b 24 May1998 (11)
Genevieve Bernadette b 22 Oct 1999 (10)

Siblings of Raffaele Ganino

Alexandra Ganino Christian Ganino

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