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Doing The Mindwork

“History never told and only known to those few that financed it.”

Swiss study shows 147 technocratic super entities rule the world

The title is banks but also includes business, corporations and capital.

For the benefit of a handful of corporations, or a monarchy, or a deity the entire system is facade, manipulated and controlled. For monarchs, it may be about survival, while for others it is entirely about taking and owning the entire wealth of the earth. These groups are beyond the law and utilize institutions for their needs. While these major players exist and seek to dominate all business and account for more than 75% of world business and many business will be limited by government in favour of these major groups.

Humans naturally have needs and the work of satisfying those needs is a man's business. A majority part of human energy in any time has been to take value and own it in order to raise one's existence. In controlling the interest he commands his will onto others, and whole group parasite off him.

One cannot understand this world without having a handle on business, in the modern world you are eating lunch because someone started a business. Business, companies and corporations arise to provide services and products in return for a fee. In the modern world and as we move closer to socialism, business is largely illegal in preference for force backed government rackets over the population. It is not easy to run a business.

The biggest industries…

  • Imperialism - the land you stand on and wealth therein including you.
  • Banking - lending money at interest to nations or bonds paid in citizens labour via taxes a form of slavery. These loans are forced on nations, debt bondage and the contracts awarded to close associates.
  • Oil & gas. Energy - without it we are back to horse and carriage. “Battle over resource control”
  • Arms - you sell arms, you need wars or you go out of business.
  • Narcotics (illegal, dangerous)
  • Retail - selling needs and wants to the population of the Earth.

In the 20th century “The American Century” the world economy was controlled by…

Three big parties that are non-American are…

  • Vatican
  • Royal Family Of Europe (and Royal Families around the world)
  • Rothchilds

The American industrialists have called “the Asian Century” and therefore we shall see new sub Asian players. The goal is global enslavement of humanity and two thirds of the world's population are not slaves and therefore the Asian century will bring these people into the economic programme. They provide slave labour circumventing labour troubles in the USA which is increasing socialist, and they are also buying up prime locations in the third world on a dime.

Companies that people believe are the fabric of an unowned state are in fact corporations of persons, the central banking system, the United Nations are like Federal Express, the IMF, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, WHO, World Health Organization. BIS, CFR Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations, CIA, the Federal Reserve and many others are the ownership of these eight or so people.

The use of business entities to avoid attention. These are the biggest corporations.

  • Barclays
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • Vanguard Group
  • UBS
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Bank of New York Melon Corp
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Bank of America Corp
  • Société Générale

A system of global debt bondage exists, where foreign presidents and ministers that have protested have been removed, replaced, assassinated or otherwise attacked by the military. Over time the only persons survive in positions of authority are those that go with the flow. The incidents pertaining to persons follows this order removed fail, assassinated fail, attacked.

The Federal Reserve and the Central Banks are then created solely for the purpose of monopolizing wealth for its certificate holders, fragmented wealth purchased with money generated arbitrarily out of thin air. Some eight families account for large portion of the global economy. They also use trusts as a trans-generational or trans-mortalis tools to endow their prodigy.

The Triumph Of The Corporation. one cannot understand the modern world without understanding three corporations, the British East India company, the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie or Dutch East India Company (VOC) and the American Traders and USA war of independence. Before America, big companies were set up by “government” or ruling aristocrats to go forth and get luxuries for their pleasures. Business is purely about greed and greed is its highest value and greed calls for total domination. Rockefeller in his famous statement said “Competition is a sin”. Total monopoly is the goal.

The Alternative

The situation is a financial cartel. The BRICs nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are buying gold to back their fiat currencies to avoid being caught up in the destruction as they march toward one world currency. BRICs have become the paradigm anti-thesis to the banking cartels. What about Iran? As these nations pair with Middle Eastern countries like Iran to trade gold for petrol instead of the US dollar as the global reserve currency war could eventually ensue. Iran represents a rogue nation that did not give up its oil to the Rockefeller and the associated companies, and they still are on the radar for invasion. Vladimir Putin, arguably a new dictator of Russia had this to say about the United Nations and those that pull its strings. “One of the priorities of BRICs for the years to come should be the strengthening and key role of the UN Security Council in maintaining international peace and security. And also ensuring that the UN is not used as a cover for regime change and unilateral actions to resolve conflict situations.“ This can be interrupted as Russia will resist “the US and its provinces” advance to absolute global domination, planning now will avoid a last man standing situation where Russia is too weak to be of effect and China begins to deal with the Japanese syndrome. A joint BRICs bank was discussed. Promoted as an alternative to the central banking system and its western bias. The aim to replace the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank and bring the Russia to greater prominence. The IMF and World Bank in a century of constant alarm and terror by anything Russia says and does will fight it as a morbid threat to their eminence. Over 180 countries have signed onto the BRICs agreement.

The US corporations under the threat of increasing socialism, looked to China to utilize their population as slaves labour to manufacture their products for the various markets around the world. Under this agreement the Chinese becomes a wealthy nations, the TPP was an agreement between the corporation and the chinese communist party, in summary make the Chinsese communuist government a henchman of the corporation, just as in the US the elites use the US government for internatinal war to secure resources or domestic operations that threaten the elite, such the various permits, licences, taxes and so on that limit the man on the street. The TPP did not get signed, David Rockefeller a key person in these efforts died and Donald Trump became US president under a nationalist platform. Donald Trump's confrontational approach with Asia and pandering to racial elements basically ended the relationships and placed the two nations at a war footing. The elites don't their triangle on top of the Chinese sledge hammer. In the USA the business environment is one of suppression using the government at the direction of the elites and their corporations, they wanted to secure the same arrangement in China and abandon the US as a declining theatre. The current Chinese initiatives are not based on US trade as it was previously.

It Is Rigged

Economics of the Federal System is designed for a few people to monopolize the world economy by seeking out rising value in the system and crash it, this denies new players and it also opens the value up to cheap purchase when in a crashed state. This is the sole purpose of the central banking system. The handful of stakeholders in the central bank system account for as much as 65% of world economics. The global financial crisis brought about by the Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs and too big the fail printing of bills put the US economy in free fall, the inflation against foreign notes got as far as parity with economies 1/30 the size of the US economy and showed no signs of recovery, gold peaked at close to $2,000 an ounce as smart investors dumped the dollar. And then it just stopped, the “global” financial crisis kept right on going, the printing increased but the numbers stopped they neither went up nor down. Someone took control and stopped the market from determining the price of gold and the price of the US dollar. The US dollar is at minimum 600% less valued that it is stated on mainstream media. Those in the know realize that the papers those mind kontrolled victims carry around in large sacks are completely worthless. You may not want to believe as mainstream media attempts to set you up for the next fall, but in the furthest reaches of your mind there is a place that says, the system is rigged and it is the truth.

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