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Doing Your Mindwork

You do not need to be in a religion. It is up to you to be able to identify the Jewish or Semitic brainwashing machines of the major religions and evacuate yourself. Buddhism is a great alternative.

These people brainwash children so you have to be aware if you have been mentally damaged as many children are by the government and religion.

“It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not be free - to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act. “The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective.” - Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958

Understanding information control and its disastrous effect on a person and the super importance of keeping information deemed prohibited by states and religions.

The Shamans and Witch Doctors of the past provided the method of religion and it involves connecting with another intelligence to get information. The Shamen would access some alter intelligence using drugs and return some information perhaps advice or medical information.

The bedrock religious practice come via the Egyptians, they conducted extensive religious practices. It basis is the priest as a medium for contacting the deity and receiving information. They were supported by the monarchy to conduct their practices.

Modern Semitic religions are basically not much more than scams. A scammer plants a fake blind man and then acts like he cures him and all the people amazed, other scammers in on the scam validate that he was indeed a blind man. His fame increases and then he produces a basket for afflicted people to give funds. Their is no difference between religions and cults.

As much as 70% of people in society have either an intelligence that is clinically retarded or are in a situation that is vulnerable, they are too young, elderly, lonely. Socialism says that these people require protection instead they are prime targets to be exploited by certain types of persons and religions. The state, its institutions form a conspiracy against the individual of which religion and education play a major role.

The Asian story goes like so, materialism is the salvation of the wealthy, when Buddha ventured out and saw the situation of the poor he invented a salvation for the poor. People also find salvation through sex, massage and their relationships with friends and partners. The Occidental story does not really make sense other than ego, greed and scams. Religion is supposed to be a system for the poor because the wealthy rely on their wealth. Can you see that the Asian story has continuity while the Occidental story is the inferior.

Their are people that cannot find peace and their are people who have responsibilities that means they cannot have well being instead they need to be authoritarian and commanding.

Homeostasis in managed by the body, their are a range of opioids secreted by the pituitary gland that are central to feeling good. Alleviation of a condition that causes stress can bring back relief. Even simply remembering to be happy or to relax.

The pineal gland to Dimethyltryptamine. Mercury the messenger of the gods holds a caduceus, historically peoples for example the ancient Egyptians used their third eye to communicate with their gods.

The Ancient Mysteries

The ancient mysteries, what are the ancient mysteries? The ancient mysteries are the science of old. What perplexes scientists today, priests were also perplexed by questions for example what are we all doing here? would be regarded as a mystery, a priest would attempt to generate an answer. Ancient religions personified the constellations, ritualized, the night sky as a story.

Things done, things said, things shown.

  • Eleusinian Mysteries - cult of Demeter and Persephone is a constellation story based at the city of Eleusis that is raising funds for the area using a cult.
  • Samothracean mysteries – a cult that uses constellation movements as stories, rituals and festivals in order to raise funds for the area. Samothrace (also Samothraki, Samothracia) is a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea.
  • Dionysian Mysteries – partying cult of wine and wild behavior, using a group to play out some want or desire. Also called cult of Bacchus. The Bacchanalia were Roman festivals of Bacchus, based on various ecstatic elements of the Greek Dionysia.
  • Orphic mysteries – pedophilia cult with their own bible, using a group to play out some want or desire. Christianity incorporates Orphism as well as other cults but not Bacchanalia.
  • Cult of Isis – Part of the complicated Egyptian religion
  • Mithraic Mysteries – a person is a planet and by developing in the religion their planet becomes better. The slaying of the bull may represent the constellation Taurus in a 2,000 year cycle age issing the age of Pisces and today the Age of Aquiries or it may represent the dymanism present in South American sacrifice to maintain balanace and child sacrifice religions of the levant. The Mithraic Mystery is also present in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
  • Cult of Cybele – Magna mater cult, safe in the mother’s bosom.
  • Cult of Attis – Seasons festivals cult related to cybele cult.
  • Arcadian cult of Despoina – constellation religion that raises funds for a specific area.
  • Cult of Trophonius - constellation religion that raises funds for a specific area.
  • Serapis – Ptolomy was very active by a variety of means to be acceptable as a ruler and designed this religion as a means to unify the Greeks and Egyptians in his realm. As the story of Dave and Goliath is really the story of Alexander The Great and the Persians, it may have been Ptolomy who used the story for a similar purpose. Ptolomy also known for the Rosetta Stone.
  • Sabazios - Sabazios was an Anatolian god often identified as Zeus
  • Navigium Isidis - the vessel of Isis, the cult of Isis
  • Moloch, Canaanite semitic religions, child sacrifice religions, paedophile religions. The reason why “God” told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac was to incorporate Moloch into their code to attract follows or in keeping step. Their is some belief in multiple religions that sacrifice maintains a balance or wards off as in with South American religions. Modern Semitic religions are front for paedophiles and child sacrifice inspirit occurs in the school system they operate.

Cult and cultivate are the same word one is used for farming, the other an organisation that brainwashes people.

Cults use established techniques to take over the minds of persons, it usually starts with chance meetings and nice words, follows by an invitation to a gathering, the gathering is harmless and fun and as the person becomes more owned or comfortable the cult gets more in depth with retreats, indoctrination, activities and so on. Stories, rituals, recitations, pilgrimages, signs, symbols and all methods used to slowly pull a person in. The ancient application was to recruit people to fight wars, while today it is the recruit people to steal money. Cult chemistry is about creating a potent mix that exploits the human state to make a person devoted to the cult for the sole purpose of extracting wealth to the leaders.

In the Egyptians mystery schools that recruited people to become soldier to fight for Islam, it was said that if a man succumbs to brainwashing then he is a soldier, if a man by his very nature can not be brainwashed then he is a commander. If one knows then he is immediately empowered and denies his previous state. A cult has degrees, only a person that cannot be brainwashed goes to higher degrees.

In the 20th century the American and British researched mind kontrol programs. Television and controlling information control makes people mentally retarded. For example the United States will bomb a nation and because of the information control and television the people of the USA will believe they were bombed. The retardation relates to a person living in a degraded childish mind state and concerned with childish affairs.


The belief in the powerful magician, causes persons to alter their behaviour but has no basis on the ritual itself. Identical to taboo of murdering a priest for example. These being all about the more intelligent mind operation. Concerning targeting pliable states in the human psychology such as offering no resistance in the hope of escaping death or injury, fear or being indoctrinated into beliefs from an early age where the brain is still forming ideas on normality or another aspect of the psychology. Identifying these pliable states and then forming an agent targeting these states causes magic and the hidden agendas of states and religions to work.

The Business Of Brainwashing Children

Many religions target children to brainwash in education facilities, where on the basis of education brainwashing is practiced. Children with their growing brains are more impressible than adults and so religions prey of young children. It is spiritual pedophilia, Orphism, the word for where we get orphanage is an ancient religion based on pederasty. Governments also are in the business of brainwashing and information control.

The Vatican - The Semitephile

People are brainwashed by Catholism, given they are targeted as children and cannot resist are impressionable trusting that their parents and those around them would not engage in brainwashing them. If you retain the historical record you will know that the Catholic church has pretty much lied and been wrong about everything it has attempted. From fake artefacts, horrible at science, failed wars, murdering its own and so on. The Catholic Church is bad council. If they really knew God, of gods they would be correct more often. They speak of wrong scripture, we speak of the factual incorrectness that invalidates them.

The Bible derives from a book in the story of Orpheus and what is prohibited on Earth is permitted in heaven and you get the opposite council. You cannot reach the evil nor or even know of it, instead wonder about in delusion.

What we can observe is the Vatican and its propaganda as the effective program of the western world. The Vatican promotes an imaginary character Jesus who was a Jew. Today we talk of usury and holy wars. This promotion of Semitism and Jews is the major problem with the western world and its root source is the Vatican. The Pope is a semitephile.

The Vatican has been wrong literally about every scientific argument it has engaged in, it has lied and fabricated artefacts, stories and history. It does exactly the opposite of that it preaches. Preaches an exclusive heaven then preaches open borders. Preaches open borders lives in a walled city with no citizens. Preaches poverty, collects money and owns shares in the very industries it denounces. Its policies are entirely for its status quo and at the expense of those that listen to them. It has ultimately failed in every war it has been involved in.

Vacuums are unknowns and the unknowns are usually filled with the bad.

The basis of the Catholic Church is information control. The Vatican is highly intolerant, paranoid and obsessed with information control. Information control is the primary means of the Vatican, Information control is not about freedom of speech, it is about a singular version designed for self-preservation. The manipulation and control of information forms a prison that humans struggle to escape from. Humans are also the sum of their intellect and so information control. If the Vatican controlled 100% of information, their would be no escape from their version. In a dangerous world the preservation of the religious aristocratic organization through information ownership and control is through their social program which involves psychological and physical abuse of children through the private school system, through their books, literature and propaganda, through control of year round religious festivals and through other methods. When a child brainwashed by the Vatican speaks grown ups laugh and reject it but the Vatican says why can't everyone be like the child. You cannot base life on beliefs, scenario if you were the president would you launch hydrogen bombs that would destroy the planet on a belief? or on a memo? its just not good enough, you have to know. What if someone tol your family has been abducted by aliens? do you believe it? What if he put on a convincing theatre to persuade such, either way you still would be the fool. Good Samaritan stabbed to death while helping woman in Vancouver.

Nature does not go along with it, for example a churches get burned down or the roof collapses which poses a question in the mind of believers. Other people also communicate their information, which means control is lost when views can stray from a prescribed version. Other information also has the ability to pull someone outside of their information trap and humans also have bad physical reaction to a false version of human self that religions attempt to implement and maintain.

The Vatican is the religious organization of the ancient Roman times, after the political and military collapse of Rome due the foederati, Goths serving in the Roman military (see Gainas) turn under Alaric and sack Rome, (possibly a microcosm of a much larger problem of hoards of people from the East dreaming of the advertised Rome) the Vatican survived and evolved to become Christian under the reforms of Constantine. The Vatican subject to attacks changed it preachings to attempt to change people so they would stop attacking Rome. That mean end of war god to beginning of peace god, word of blood man absorbs his enemies power through the spilling of his blood, word of peace. What is in man's mind is what he plays out, the pantheon re-organized, gods of love and peace and conspiracy against the individual. As Europe descended into anarchy the Roman religious body took it upon itself to re-civilize Europe by creating a network across Europe and accepting rulers and domains in order to establish some kind of form by cause of revolving warlords. Through the Vatican, by making the Merovingians and Charlemagne profound they form a bedrock of new Europe. Their is no body in Europe that has done more for maintaining a cohesion and order in Europe than the Roman Catholic Church. Along with the designation of Caesar this form is the design of Europe today.

The Flavians designed a set of religious reforms to bring the Iudaeans into Roman approval, aspects of Judaism were extreme and violent just as some parts of Islam are today, for example the language referring to Rome's reform of exclusive legal tender across the empire. The result being Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity the most popular forms practised today. Over the next several hundred years Christianity grew to prominence and eventually became instituted as the official religion of Rome. The Vatican was forced to remonstrate with cheiftans as persons favoured by god. Kings provide a physical operation while the Church provides a psychological one, forming a rudimentary human control construct.

In all human conditions that are undesirable their is the anti-thesis deity. We do not see the troubles that people can be in from physical and situational. No system can be there at all places at all times except the anti-thesis deity, a person with the information can access the anti-thesis deity from any place at any time for any reason at all with confidentiality and personalization. The deity emanates the anti-thesis in a fix all energy, prison doors open, blind people see, the sick are made well, the dead rise to life, whether this happens or not is limitation of the scheme but it includes training the individual to access natural homeostatic opiads excreted by the brain through associating it to a mechanism. However to instill that to a deity puts a weight behind it and transcends human limitations. The scheme also can be instilled in an anti-thesis code of living life so that grave situations do not befall people to begin with, a book is authored based on the study of grave situation, people told to relax, not to worry, it won't last, don't behave a certain way and better behave in such a way. It is not how can man still wage war without its ill effects or not how a person can be a better mindless slave, its logic like boolean is the opposite, bad to sad, good to happy. Remediation of grievances. This scheme is in the class of the most advanced schemes. It is one of a class of institutions that are from beyond earthly realm.

Be aware that they especially target the minds of children to brainwash with their cult while accusing people of immorality, part of their origins is in the Orphic religion which is a front for a paedophile operation, the targeting of young minds is in keeping with that model.

It is an aristocratic organisation.

Establishing agency relates to putting the program in the mind of a person so that you are the go to person in some situation. The Bible talks of a new world order based on scams. The fisherman who hooks the fish with promises, the farmer who cultivates the earth.

In Europe religions and god has kept people dumb for many centuries, an indictment on all involved. God is evil. God is an imperial tool of a cult, otherwise their is no God, it is as simple as that. In medieval times it was the church that kept watch on everyone, murdered, censored and threatened people for supposed evil behaviour.


A very popular religion that is Eastern nationalism using religion.


Asian religion created by Buddha. Those in the far east that understand war by religion practised by Abram religions such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity have their own religions that are Asian. Buddhism predates Abrams religions.


Polytheistic religion similar to the Ancient Egyptian religions. Where a deity is specific to some facet.

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