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Doing The Mind Work

A worldview Synopsis. The awakening of the mind is the realization of the false narrative, in history, science, religion… The co-opted institution, education, media, economics… all polluted in the political and military struggle of persons, groups and nations. When we detect fake archaeology, non-factual news, the hollow stones of Stonehenge, fake facts and stories in the education system, fake medications and more. Then all bets are off, do not fault us for not believing in your scam. There are a handful of groups that turn the institutions from their perceived purpose into a force for their self-preservation. These groups are the Crown, the US elites and through the US military, they operate large scale operations “for example 5 eyes” into domestic censorship and international war. They will target, destroy and end alternative views. The censorship of YouTube and general online censorship, shutting down websites, the controlled media, the behaviour modification is all a part of their class of operations, even the worship of imaginary Jewish people, Jesus and so on. Today, the goal of facism, feminism, solialism is communism and many governments are well on the path to communism, this means populations will have no choice but to move to the least communist place. The taxes, crusades of communism cause prices to rise lead to social problems, the remedy is more communism.

Evil truly does exist in the world, and you unknowingly aid it and you ought to know better and not aid it.

Plato Allegory Of The Cave Explained

When one researches and writes a book like this, without any preconceptions. One finds the same handful of groups in every institution. The people that started the U.N are the same people that sell oil, are the same people who own the banks, are the same people who draft laws, and so on. For these groups are resisted internationally by national players, even international war is for their cause for example Iraq and Exonn or Royal Dutch Shell. The institutions of society are none more than a conspiracy against the community and the individual to theft and control with impunity. The government is not a service for the people, that is wrong! The government instead is a tool of these groups against the community. The people confused and threatened either cannot see it, or are wilfully ignorant. This piece is written by listing each major institution but at some stage it can be written by the handful of groups and their operations of which are institutions.


  • Manifold or Platform: where institutions are instituted. Example: General of The Banana Republic.
  • Institutions: a field that is attached to a manifold or platform. Example Banking.
  • Organization: a group within an institution or a group of people. Example XYZ Bank.
  • Religions, Cults and Witchcraft: Religions are cults and cults are religions, if an organization attempts to pass itself off as an institution then it is a cult. Religions are cults and priests are wizards.
  • People – the individual.

Narcissism, sociology, game theory.

When one writes and comes to purge extra information while still reference not important enough to be included. This book is the extra information.

These are the institutions of the Polis, look carefully and see, while one institution kills as its primary solutions the remainder attempt to enslave the individual. The people have no institutions except for the natural institutions such as family and friends. The cult of the Polis is little more than a facility to steal, control and enslave.

  • The Universe - not to be confused with the study of the universe, the universe stays force undefinable. The study of the universe is called physics and it is a department of military intelligence as per its applications.
  • Hegemon - the most powerful nation having imperium. Current philosophy is “World Government” operates via United Nations and other Washingtonian Institutions. Sorting via Hegelian dialectic.
  • Military - killing, stealing, destroying having its own set of institutions, the DOD is its headquarters and command structure leading to the highest general or generals. The headquarters is a city of its own, the military budget is carte blanche. Current philosophy is “full spectrum dominance” meaning domination across all levels including family. In relation to strong and weak forces.
  • Government - Federal, State and Local, runs society or the state, the government is the view of the civilian. Monarchs generally form a type of government.
  • Religion - cults that indoctrinate people with some program or belief that is unsubstantiated. The good and the bad.
  • Monarchy - Aristocrats, a type of government and a royal family, that families copy because they imagine they are them.
  • Law - High Court, Magistrates Court, laws are made by government and courts, breaches in law or questioning the law are heard in courts. People can bring other people to court or Police can enforce the law and one can be locked in cage if he breaks the law. The right and the wrong.
  • Banks - business is what it is all about. Men do business, business exists in all organizations or institutions. The US government is controlled by the business community. The U.N was founded by business people. Business is about the possession of money or wealth.
  • Media - people are very powerful and having them either for you or away from you is the large piece of the work, media delivers what is called programming and feed to the people. Media is also about entertainment, fun which is what is very important to people. The education is also media.
  • Police - enforce the law provide security crowd control.
  • Fraternities - are clubs and cults that some people are attracted by.
  • Unions - institution that counter acts business from rendering workers as slaves.
  • Academia - an institution designed to disturb teenagers sleep and to suppress talking.
  • Society - all of us, we are all part of a society regardless of our position within it. Unwritten law of social norms.
  • Friends - a portion of society which we live a life with or care about.
  • Family - persons we are biologically related to. Extended or Immediate.
  • You - the only person that really exists. Keep the goose juice coming.

Some nations are not borne of wholesome energies, most are borne from military conquest which saw inhabitants largely annihilated, some nations are born of slavery, other penal colonies. These are neither friendly nor humane affairs. Forces in these nations exist like ghosts that seek to enslave, imprison, suppress and torture. The quest for these nations is global domination and so, the imperium and the mancipium.

The synopsis of Earth is resource control, various parties are simply fighting over money. If there is a resource, a party will do anything to take control of the resource, extract the resource, sell the resource and this is how large fortunes are made in the modern world and how the wealthiest reside on Earth. If the military can seize the resource it has control over the wealth, however if the military fails as it often does, the second option is to socialize in order to be awarded rites without military control of the resource from those that have control. Their are valuables spread out through the entire Earth, the diamond fields of Africa, or the gold mines of Peru, the oil fields of the Middle East and it is the daily work to nest upon as much of it as possible and for ever to gain more. Today nations are more independent and developed and so access for theft must be obtained through local persons, be it the president, a strongman or the military in charge. They must be brought to an arragement by being included in a share, paid off, wooed and then the theft and unobseen ransacking can proceed or continue. The rite to theft becomes the highest rite one can obtain from those that would stand in the way when military control cannot be obtained. It is a social offensive.

The two categories fo war are the sword and the shield. Their is no war for morality, to save someone or for any other reasons. The only justification for war is to obtain and control resources for energy is critically proportional to the size of your forces. If an ant colony is overrun, it perishes, it is erased and the lavie are taken and fed to the winning teams babies as food. The defeated have no one to call.

A situation awareness summary. While the Vatican is very powerful, priceless artifacts, art and a holder of real estate portfolio, investor in corporations and other wealth, their also the clique of aristocrats, royalty, and the very wealthy sometimes referred to as elites and their corporations that have a great influence account for over 75% of global economics if not more. They operate various strategies and efforts such as the intentional collapse of the economic system to monopolize further and to suppress the active under class. The over-active bond market where taxes from labor the interest paid to them and in their minds this is a slave relationship of which they have a memory to re-implement on a more dominant scale in time as does the Vatican. However these are not the reality that the citizens believe, the concept of the free state comprised of government and people is advertised to the people with the Police ultimately to maintain the populous in check, the state only exists to a varying degree, its integrity is brought into question without people gauging if it really still exists. Under the elite the law deems illegal and the Police enforce against one the very things that the clique is involved in, there exists extreme malevolence the death of millions in pursuit of dominance and control without caveat in fact it is a trait of the elite. Elements of what the royal and wealthy believe is a kind of doctrine similar to the German Nazi regime. However the corporations are still servicing the the wider community. Their is no business, fascism has taken over. The clique do move to affect at the individual micro level for example the great depression or the virtual non-redeemable currency, information control, group think of death, “conservation” tag for culling, a hidden officer at every house for state security, everyone secretly being spied on and investigated.

The aim, a group of exceptional persons love life and earth so much that they want it all for themselves, to enjoy the best that life has to offer, they seek t he entire earth as their possession to enjoy and they are not the sharing kind. Everyone else is to be held down if not put down. This is a serious high tension situation where only the strong persist. A handful of groups want the earth for themselves and so there is resistance and conflict.

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