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 +====== Unions ======
 +The institutions that make up the Polis are a conspiracy against the individual. The outcome is extreme poverty and degradation at the hand of monarchs, deities and aristocrats and so the people rise up. Today the most successful institution is "​Unions"​.
 +One of the most ancient stories from Mesopotamia is the story of the Igigi and a workers strike and revolt against the Anunaki. "The Igigi were being forced to dig a watercourse. They got tired of it, so they revolted against Enlil, one of the head Anunnaki. They burned their tools and surrounded Enlil’s estate. When the Anunnaki realize that the Igigi are not going to give up the strike, they decide it is time for a new solution to their labor problem—and that solution is the creation of human beings. This may be where the eugenics farm depicted in the Adam and Eve story originates where Eve cross-pollinated without permission and was banished.
 +The doctrine of unionism is Marxism, that promotes the implementation of a classless or casteless system, no kings, no bankers instead all equally work for a general and shared standard of life and success. Man highest nature is murderer and thief and so its implementation has a historical record of disproportional power mass-murdering and mass-theft.
 +The people have no control or say where their money goes and it get stolen in scams and schemes and the potential benefit is gone such as the US school bus system or elaborate expensive playgrounds,​ or excessive medication prescription scams. Business pushes the system to buy more of their products from the pool of public funds, poverty expands and remains chronic.
 +These are several other institutions that people have made that come under attack because they do not add to the slave and control mentality of the aristocrats but are contrary to it.
 +  * Illicit media such as Wikileaks.
 +  * Legal rights that limits institutions capacity to suppress persons.
 +  * Independent versions of the major institutions or organizations within institutions.
 +  * Independent intelligence agency that release classified information freely that depict national crimes or provide insight into secretive operations.
 +  * Citizen hearings.
 +  * Revolts, people activate to overthrow the government because they have had enough, include rusing taxes, cruel punishments,​ encroaching on their lifestyles and enjoyments.
 +  * International criminal courts, that try state protected persons with war crimes, that states are vehemently against.
 +===== Universal Health Care =====
 +This scheme proposes 100% free health care for all persons this replaces a unjust system of paid healthcare. In user funded healthcare many people do not receive healthcare and suffer and die, society exhibits ghastly illustrations of downtrodden people that are extremely shocking, for example the insane mingle with the sane on the streets.
 +It their is 100% coverage for no cost then the system design is elegant. Achieving that elegance is for a lack of thought.
 +Universal health care systems have been adopted by many nations and the use of an index with indicators can determine who is doing it the best and why and this data offers insight to improving the system. It is not to be discounted that a healthy lifestyle that keeps out of sickness reflect positively on the health care system.
 +The nations with the best health care systems by (WHO) index are...
 +  - France
 +  - Italy
 +  - Singapore
 +  - Spain
 +  - Japan
 +  - Oman
 +while some of the worse are....
 +  - Romania
 +  - Indonesia
 +  - Jordan
 +  - Argentina
 +  - Mexico
 +  - Poland
 +The reasons why and system improvements in cost, no costs and outcomes are forever to be contemplated. It appears that the less corrupt persons are the better the system as a whole. This means a group to investigate bribes, scams and more that undermines the success of the system. For example pharmaceutical companies can push poisonous medicines and over prescribe medications though their influence on the medical community.
 +===== Socialism Vs Capiltaism Simplified =====
 +Socialism is simply nationalized insurance. And it is usually against the worst of situations. Nationalized health insurance, insurance against unemployment and so on. The government is tasked to provide a comprehensive insurance policy against sub standard living conditions.
 +Captilism on the other hand, is collecting taxes to give to the elites. Imagine you have a bank account and the bank says you get 5% interest. the government receives deposits from kings and queens and then returns interest i.e you taxes to them.
 +So do you want a system where the taxes cover you personal situation or a system where taxes are sent to the wealthiest people on Earth?
 +Why does Socialism fail. I mean insurance is not that hard.
 +Socialism generally fails because government is exceptionally corrupt and in many ways. Socialism also fails because the elites are vehemently against free peoples. The two systems cannot co-exist capitalism or socialism, side by side. Today in the USA, the interest on bonds paid in taxes is nearly 1 trillion dollars annually and that leaves no funds for social security. The result is shocking social conditions while Aramco'​s market cap is 2 trillion dollars. A vast disparity.
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