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Welcome the Ganino family name and be good to its custodians, Ganino is the last name of the family. Ganino as in pa[gan]s, history, news, genealogy and information relating to the Ganino family name can be found at, Click here for a list of supported names. If -gan is in your last name, then it most probably stands for indigenous to a region in Europe as administered by the Roman Christians who used the word pagan as referring to indigenous.

Ganino is a name that originates in southern Italy, away from the major centers and in a highly aristocratic environment the uneducated peoples of Europe were sacked of their lands and either starved, sent away to foreign lands or sought to escape to better pastures, namely to the new world. Today Ganino can be found in various parts of the new world where immigration was welcomed.

A geographic map displaying coverage and population

The record of most people's names are in their efforts in conscripted national wars, and their status was most probably limited by force to enter the public record by their interaction with state institutions that maintained their records.

Places named Ganino from around the world

Ganino have been known to have contributed to the Italian armed forces, the Soviet Russian armed forces and the United States Of America armed forces. The Soviets awarded several places to Sergeant Ganino for his service during the war.

Ganino Crest People

Ganus Pisa records 1331 vedi Paganus/Pagana 1136 land records. Oldest female is Elena Ganin Christened: 22 Aug 1557 Spain and male is Edmundus Ganin Christened: 1570 England.

The research into the origin of the name, it was thought for some time to be a mispronunciation due to dialects of the last name Canino, it was also proposed to be a derivative of the name Gianni, alas the accepted and most probable origin of name is that it is a derivative of the world pagan.

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Company Matters

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We hold forum or meetings once a month. If you would like to attend forum, receive a copy of the agenda and minutes or discuss, email contact. Fratres amici, quae pertinent ad brevis.

Also catalog information of interest including ancient information.

For Ganino family name holders living and passed this website is a token representation to a dedication that more than most have.

The entire website is password protected, viewing requires registration.

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