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Frank Ganino and 100th Bomb Group (Heavy) The Bloody Hundredth

Frank Ganino of the 456th Sub Depot. (Photo courtesy of George Shevlin)

456th Sub Depot Personnel: Jake Cohen, Herb Fersko, Red Charney, Kent Scott, Tom Keefe, Donald Putnam, Frank Ganino, George Shevlin, and Macon Rowe. (Photo courtesy of George Shevlin)

Members of the 456th Sub Depot at Site 6, Hut 22 (left to right), Kneeling; M. E. Winkler, Frank Ganino, Ehelenbeck or Ellenbeck, Thurman Dobson and Melvyn Hudson, Standing; Don Putman, Rudy D'Addio, Jake Cohen, Gabriel, Tom Keefe and George Shevlin. (100th Photo Archives)

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