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 +====== The Onassis Bloodline ======
 +[[13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati]]
 +These essays are from the book named above by author Fritz Springmeier.
 +<​b>​CAST OF MAIN CHARACTERS</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Aristotle Socrates Onassis -- named after two Greek philosophers,​ went from 
 +being totally broke at age 21 to being a millionaire at age 23. His father’s ​
 +first name was Socrates. Aristotle was an Illuminati king, a shipping tycoon, an 
 +intelligent ruthless hard-driving man, a man of the world who spoke a number of 
 +languages such as French, Spanish, English, Italian, and Turkish. He married ​
 +JFK’s widow. His ever present sunglasses made him look like Al Capone to a 
 +number of people.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis-Her father was a member of the Society of the 
 +Cincinnati, the American equivalent to the Order of the Garter. Her father " ​
 +Black Jack" was corrupt, what is known as a womanizer. He worked at making a 
 +living from the stock market. Jackie’s "​step-father"​ was the Auchincloss family, ​
 +an elite family. Her step-father’s second wife before Jackie’s mother was 
 +Senator Thomas Gore’s daughter. Her step-father was in Naval Intelligence. ​
 +Jackie went to the schools that the children of the elite go to. On the 
 +anniversary of JFK’s assassination,​ Orville &amp; Jane Freeman were the only ones to 
 +remember the date to say or do something about it. Jackie went that day to 
 +Central Park and had a good cry.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Stavros Niarchos-Aristotle’s brother-in-law and Ari’s business competition. ​
 +Stavros’ parents came from Sparta, Greece. His relatives were rich. Stavros went 
 +into shipping and after W.W. II broke out, left Greece to avoid having to fight 
 +for Greece. He was a close friend of Colgate, Roosevelt and Bernard Baruch, who 
 +he would invite to his house on Long Island. He rented his Long island house 
 +from Harry Hopkins who was the man who told Pres. F.D. Roosevelt what to do. 
 +Even though he was a millionaire,​ he had a difficult time avoiding have to 
 +serve. Eventually, he managed to get himself situated as a naval officer in 
 +intelligence for Greece in Alexandria, Egypt. Information sent Into the ‘69-70 ​
 +Who’s Who reference book about his war time exploits are fictitious. Niarchos ​
 +and Aristotle were friends from 1934 onward, but also at times enemies trying to 
 +outdo each other. Both frequently went to St. Moritz, Swit., a ski resort. ​
 +Stavros also frequents an old Medici family Palace/​estate near Turin where the 
 +Duke of Edinburgh and Baron Elie de Rothschild like to go and shoot birds. The 
 +estate has many and it isn’t unusual for them to kill a thousand a day. Stavros ​
 +is an important leader of the Bilderbergers and a billionaire. He married Henry 
 +Ford II’s daughter who was 38 years younger than he was, and divorced her 
 +shortly afterwards. He worked closely with David Rockefeller.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Aristotle Onassis died in 1975. His son and heir to his throne died in 1973. My 
 +inside information about the Onassis family being one of the top 13 goes back to 
 +the 1960s and 70’s. Is the family still powerful? One big clue that they still 
 +wield power within the Illuminati is that Stavros Niarchos, Aristotle’s ​
 +brother-in-law,​ is a powerful Bilderberger. The executive committee of the 
 +Bilderbergers are the equivalent to 9° of the branch Illuminati. Is the Onassis ​
 +family still one of the top 13 Satanic bloodlines? I do not know. The answer ​
 +lies in doing genealogical work to find out what the core satanic bloodline is 
 +that curses through the Onassis family.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +One whistle-blower on the Illuminati was Dennis Brunnelle, a Grand Master of an 
 +OTO lodge, who became disillusioned with the OTO’s Illuminati program. Some of 
 +his information touches on the Onassis family. My understanding of the Onassis ​
 +family is limited in terms of their Satanic activities with the Illuminati, but 
 +I will attempt to give my readers a better understanding. My inside knowledge of 
 +the occult side-that is the secret satanic ritual activities of the family is 
 +sparse, because my informants have very limited knowledge of the Onassis ​
 +participation. However, there are certainly plenty of tracks in the sand which 
 +indicate who the business friends of this family have been, and they have been 
 +very clearly those within the Illuminati or with connections to it.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +The area that is now known as Turkey played a major role in the Mystery ​
 +Religions. The use of drugs to create "​religious"​ experiences was developed to a 
 +fine art by various occult fraternal mystery religion groups in the Turkey area. 
 +The Assassins from where we get the word hashish controlled parts of Turkey and 
 +Lebanon in Medieval times. They used drugs to gain the allegiance of their 
 +recruits. Some of the most powerful figures for the Illuminati have been Turks. ​
 +The Grand Orient has had some powerful figures in Turkey. For instance, at the 
 +Masonic Congress of all the Grand Orients’ (that’s European Freemasonry- ​
 +although several American presidents have been members of European Freemasonry) ​
 +Grand Lodges, Bou Achmed came from Turkey. The Grand Lodge of Asia was 
 +represented by Sebeyck-Kadir from Asia. Bou Achmed took a big role in the Grand 
 +Orient’s decisions. As a aside, let me explain one example of the power of the 
 +Grand Orient in America. The Grand Orient was originally strong in Louisiana but 
 +spread Itself to many other US. locations. Garfield, a very powerful man in the 
 +Grand Orient, managed to become US. President because the political process got 
 +deadlocked at the convention and the Masons suggested him as a compromise ​
 +candidate. Although Garfield was an extremely powerful Mason, had been perhaps ​
 +the youngest general in the US. army during the Civil War, the Illuminati ​
 +ordered him shot after he had served about a year in office as President. ​
 +Garfield was reported by an eye-witness to Satanic rituals to have participated ​
 +in the cannibalistic rites of Satanism done to gain the spiritual power of the 
 +eaten person. The Grand Orient Freemasonry has been linked to other orders of 
 +Freemasonry that are also called Rosicrucian'​s. Pope John XXIII joined a 
 +Rosicrucian group that had links to European Freemasonry when he was in Turkey.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +While the secret Grand Orient Freemasonry was very strong in Turkey in spite of 
 +its small numbers, the regular American Freemasonry granted a dispensation for a 
 +Masonic Lodge to operate in Smyrna, Turkey in May, 1863 but the charters were 
 +withdrawn on Aug. 27, 1880. However, it is interesting that of all the Turkish ​
 +cities, Smyrna was definitely the best place for Freemasonry to gain recruits. ​
 +Men like Achmed Pasha and many of the other Pasha family have been leaders ​
 +within Freemasonry and the Illuminati. Achmed Pasha was a Satanist and had a 
 +large harem. Mehmet Talaat Pasha (1872-1921) was a Freemason and part of the 
 +Turkish revolution of 1908. He was the leader of the Young Turks, which was a 
 +joint project of the Sufis and the Frankist Satanists. (The type of Satanism led 
 +by the Frank family has had connections to Turkey for hundreds of years.) Mehmet ​
 +Talaat Pasha was the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Turkey. He was held the 
 +political position in Turkey of grand vizier of Turkey (1917-18). Another ​
 +Turkish Pasha was part of the Turkish royalty running Egypt when Egypt was part 
 +of the Ottoman Empire. His name was Khedive Ismail Pasha and he was Grand Master ​
 +of the Grand Lodge of Egypt. It was this Turk, Khedive Ismail Pasha, who gave 
 +the famous Obelisk to the United States. This Obelisk was called Cleopatra’s ​
 +Needle and was originally erected in the city of the sun, Heliopolis, about 1500 
 +B.C. The Obelisk is a representation of a human penis, because sun worship, ​
 +worship of regeneration (sex) and worship of the sun god Satan were all tied 
 +together. Masons helped with the moving of the obelisk, and its dedication when 
 +it arrived in New York City. Large obelisks have been erected by Masons in New 
 +York, Washington D.C., Paris, the Vatican, and London. (If my memory serves me 
 +correct Berlin received one too at one time.)</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Every morning when the United States President wakes up he can look out the 
 +window and see the Masonic obelisk and be reminded of who controls America. 11 
 +the President has any training in the Mystery religion of ancient Egypt, he will 
 +also know what body part is symbolically erected in the Washington Memorial. (If 
 +the United States were ever to return to serving God, that monument would be a 
 +good one to destroy. God asked the Israelites not just simply to avoid 
 +worshipping such abominations,​ He asked His people to destroy them, for their 
 +very creation was abomination. This touches on the issues raised in another ​
 +article in this newsletter.)</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +The Illuminati of Europe via the Br. East India Co. wrested control from the 
 +Great Moguls of the Opium trade during the 18th and 19th century. People ​
 +connected the Br. East India Co. were responsible for the creation of the Fabian ​
 +Society. The Illuminati, already headquartered in London in the 19th century, ​
 +allowed John Jacob Astor (see Jan. 1, ‘93 newsletter about the Astor family) ​
 +beginning around 1815 to operate an opium smuggling operation. Besides Astor’s ​
 +ships picking up quicksilver and lend at Gibraltar, and iron/steel from northern ​
 +Europe, his ships picked up opium at Smyrna, Turkey. The opium was then sold in 
 +China. The Onassis family was one of the top three merchant families in Smyrna. ​
 +And Socrates Onassis until 1922 quietly ran a banking operation (or money 
 +laundering?​) from their home which had a large amount of money left by powerful ​
 +Turks. Could Socrates’ father been part of a secret Illuminati opium connection, ​
 +which had begun back about 1815 with the Astor family in Smyrna, Turkey? We know 
 +for certain that he had powerful British, Italian, and Turkish friends before he 
 +was arrested in 1922, and that these friends saved his life from a death 
 +sentence. About 1925-26, his son Aristotle Onassis, who was from Smyrna, Turkey ​
 +began secretly importing opium into Argentina from Turkey, under the cover and 
 +disguise of importing tobacco. The Grand Orient of Italy by the Jewish Freemason ​
 +Emannuele Carass established two secret lodges at Salonika, Turkey around the 
 +early 20th century. The dialect of the Jews in that area is often mistakenly ​
 +called ‘crude spanish."​ Actually the language is Latino a Judeo-Spanish dialect ​
 +spoken in Constantinople and Smyrna. A western Ladino is spoken in Salonika*), ​
 +Bosnia, and Serbia. Masonic Jews speaking this Latino language were part of the 
 +Masonic plot that started World War I. Numerous high level Masons were informed ​
 +of the coming assassination of the Archduke which a thinking person could 
 +realize what and contradiction.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Actually, I would state it slightly different. His life is shrouded in 
 +smokescreens. However, there are records, documents, witnesses, etc. and it is 
 +possible to reconstruct many details about his life. I will attempt to 
 +reconstruct some of the details of that life as they pertain to his secret life 
 +as an Illuminati leader. The Illuminati is divided into the drug/porn section, ​
 +the political/​business management section, and the cult ritual section, global ​
 +communications section, and mind-control section. The leadership within the 
 +various areas overlap. The drug/​porn/​political areas work together as a unit. 
 +The mind-control area seems to be somewhat technical and somewhat separate. ​
 +Further, several groups have been identified as assigned the job of keeping the 
 +long range plans. The three groups that have been entrusted with long range 
 +plans are the Order of the Garter, Order of the Quest, &amp; Keepers of the Dawn. 
 +The plans to bring in the New World Order are very detailed, and their 
 +management and safekeeping have not been haphazard. Aristotle worked within the 
 +drug/​porn/​political/​business management area Aristotle’s power was so pervasive ​
 +that some researchers of his activities concluded that he was absolutely the 
 +most powerful man on earth. This is because they were not aware of the shared ​
 +power of the Illuminati "​kings"​. Aristotle did have world-wide power, but that 
 +appearance of power was there because he was part of Moriah (the Satanic ​
 +hierarchy which controls the world.) Aristotle Onassis’ family has bad their 
 +misfortunes too. All of the top families are in competition,​ and although they 
 +work together they also fight together. Even within Aristotle’s own family, a 
 +stiff long time rivalry with his brother-in-law made life difficult for everyone ​
 +associated with Aristotle. And yet for all their competition,​ Aristotle invited ​
 +Stavros Niarchos to spend time on his yacht, which Jacqueline his wife detested ​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +*)&​nbsp;​ <​em>​Correction. Greek is spoken in Salonika, not Ladino. Salonika is a 
 +Greek city (editor'​s note)</​em></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +<​b>​ARISTOTLE LEAVES GREECE &amp; GOES TO ARGENTINA</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Aristotle’s father had planned to send him to Oxford, but the Turkish genocide ​
 +of the Greek Turks changed his plans. Aristotle instead set out from Greece to 
 +Argentina. Supposedly, Aristotle landed in Argentina stateless and broke. From 
 +what I can make out it appears to be true, although it is possible he had some 
 +contacts to help the move to a foreign country. It is said that he finally found 
 +a job as a dishwasher in a bar on the corner of Corrientes &amp; Talcahuano in 
 +Buenos Alres. Near the end of 1924, he was able to obtain a job later on with 
 +the British United River Plate Telephone Co. (Argentina was at times called the 
 +fifth British Dominion because the British Rothschild'​s and other British ​
 +investors owned so much of Argentina.) In the next few years, Aristotle proved ​
 +himself a very capable manager and with great potential as an underworld leader. ​
 +Juan Gaoana, the boss of a leading Argentine cigarette manufacturing company was 
 +the first to put in an order through Aristotle to get tobacco from Turkey via 
 +Ari’s father in Greece. This tobacco importing was the cover for Adi’s opium 
 +running. After two years, Onassis went into manufacturing cigarettes. Again this 
 +was a cover, but Onassis was out to prove himself in anyway he could, so he 
 +illegally borrowed the name of a famous Argentine brand of cigarettes called BIS, 
 +and labeled his cigarettes the same thing. The owner of BIS sued Onassis for 
 +using his company’s name and won in court. The cigarette manufacturing was 
 +clearly a losing deal, and Onassis got out of it. However, the biographies ​
 +credit his cigarette manufacturing as bringing in his wealth, while at the same 
 +time acknowledging that he was losing money from them and had to dump them 
 +because they were unprofitable. Which is it? As I stated, Aristotle was running ​
 +drugs into Argentina. Aristotle states that he was penniless when he arrived in 
 +Argentina at age 21, and that he had made his first million dollars by age 23. 
 +Long story short-the facts as to where he lived, what witnesses say etc. appear ​
 +to collaborate that he went from having nothing to being wealthy within those 
 +two years. His lifestyle changed dramatically. People blame his riches on the 
 +fact that he worked long hours. (I know many people who work long hours and are 
 +creative and people just don’t move up the ladder that fast by working for a 
 +phone company and selling tobacco.)</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +<​b>​ARISTOTLE’S FRIENDS</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Aristotle Onassis associated with many powerful people. The fact that he rubbed ​
 +shoulders with establishment figures that tie back to the elite is nothing ​
 +surprising of a person his wealth. However, it is the nature of his involvement ​
 +with other Illuminati figures that reveals his position within Moriah. Before ​
 +going into his Illuminati business ventures, let’s just discuss some of his 
 +friendships. An example of his visits to friends is this quote from the book 
 +Onassis. ‘The Christina’s cruises always produced items which no alert gossip ​
 +columnist could miss. Onassis dropping in on Prince Alfonso Hoheiohe’s Marbella ​
 +Club in southern Spain and lunching with Baron and Baroness Guy de Rothschild ​
 +(amidst rumors that it was Rothschild money that had supplanted his own in Monte 
 +Carlo) was obviously a noteworthy social incident.’ (Onassis, p. 255) During ​
 +W.W. II, Onassis was a regular guest of the movie mogul Spyros Skouras at 
 +Mamaroneck on Long Island. Other close friends of Onassis were the Perons of 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +The Perons set up a dictatorship in Argentina The Perons have a great number of 
 +Nazi &amp; Satanic connections/​activities. If you get Into studying about the Perons ​
 +you will come up with names such as Josef Mengele (a Satanic Nazi Doctor), Dr. 
 +Fritz Thyssen, and Otto Skorzeny. Onassis had sexual liaisons with Evita Peron, ​
 +who was a platinum blonde. Onassis had Nazi connections that continued his whole 
 +life, as did the Perons. For instance, one of Onassis’s Nazi associates was 
 +Hjalmar Schacht, president of Hitler’s Reichbank, who Onassis hired after the 
 +war. Schacht helped Onassis’ shipyards in Germany build tankers after W.W. II. 
 +Until people realize that the real guiding hand behind the Nazi’s was Satanism ​
 +they will continue to be misguided as to the way everything connects together at 
 +the top. For instance, John Foster Dulles was the man at Versailles Treaty who 
 +can be credited for having created the Treaty’s harsh terms against Germany that 
 +ruined Germany financially after W.W. II. And yet this same man, John Foster ​
 +Dulles, was the person who secretly went to Hitler to confirm to Hitler that the 
 +elite would financially back Hitler’s rise to power. If Hitler were anything ​
 +like our image of him, Hider would have rung his neck, here before him was the 
 +man who made Germany suffer. why was Hitler friendly with this man? It makes no 
 +sense, unless people wake up to what is going on. The answer is that there is a 
 +conspiracy of those who are at the top to rule us, and to guide us toward a New 
 +World Order, and they are quite willing to sacrifice whole nations to do that.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Onassis was an extremely close friend of Winston Churchill. The Freemason ​
 +Winston Churchill is a descendent of a family that has been part of the elite 
 +that have secretly run the world. Winston Churchill on several occasions told 
 +Onassis that the only one he could trust in W.W. II was Joseph Stalin. (This is 
 +a far cry from the picture given in history books.) Winston Churchill spent a 
 +great deal of time on Onassis’s yacht Christina. Onassis was also friendly with 
 +Winston Churchill’s friend of Bernard Baruch. It was Bernard Baruch who 
 +convinced Winston Churchill to join the Illuminati conspiracy. He asked 
 +Churchill to come watch something important in NY in 1929, and then he showed ​
 +Churchill how they could destroy the Stock Market. That show of power brought ​
 +Churchill on board. Two other Illuminati friends of Ari Onassis were Joseph ​
 +Kennedy and Peter Grace, both men also belonged to top 13 Illuminati bloodlines. ​
 +Gianni Agnelli, a powerful man in the Illuminati spent time on a number of 
 +occasions on Onassis’s yacht Christina while it was in the Riviera. Years before ​
 +JFK became president, Onassis had JFK and Winston Churchill on his yacht at the 
 +same time. In 1928, the Illuminati men who controlled the major oil companies ​
 +got together at Achnacarry Castle and formally created the Achnacarry Agreement ​
 +which divided up the world into an international cartel. This is why you may 
 +have watched the same gas truck bring gas to all the different gas stations in 
 +an area, for instance, say a Sinclair station, a BP station (Rothschild'​s),​ and 
 +an Exxon station (Rockefeller). If the reader understands the world’s oil was 
 +totally in an Illuminati monopoly by 1928, it will help you understand that 
 +Aristotle who was the man who built the largest oil tanker ships was also 
 +Illuminati. In one year alone during the 1950s, Onassis bought 17 new tankers.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +<​b>​EVIDENCE OF THE CONSPIRACY</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +One of the most telling paper trail signs that the conspiracy has left behind ​
 +was an executive order that FDR signed just after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. ​
 +This executive order was a semi-secret amendment to Trading With The Enemy Act 
 +which made it LEGAL to trade with the enemy if the Sec. of the Treasury (then 
 +Hans Morganthau) gave permission. Morganthau was a tool of the conspiracy, and 
 +of course he gave permission to the top Illuminati to trade with the enemy. (In 
 +1983, a book came out Trading With The Enemy which exposes how the elite 
 +secretly kept Hitler going by supplying him, rebuilding his communications etc. 
 +Onassis as an Illuminati king worked with other elites Rockefeller,​ Kennedy, ​
 +Getty to quietly make a profit and keep the war going longer. Onassis sold oil 
 +and guns to both sides. ITT telephones were used in German submarines. [This 
 +Executive Order shows that at the top their is a conspiracy--it is reproduced on 
 +the following pages.) There were 450 merchant ships owned by Greeks before W.W. 
 +II. Out of those Aristotle said 410 were sunk during the war. The official count 
 +was 360. Either way it is clear that most of the Greek shippers lost their large 
 +merchant ships. However, the German submarines and aircraft never once touched ​
 +Aristotle'​s’ ships although they sailed through war zones. Neither did the 
 +Allies. Aristotle alone did not suffer any losses. Aristotle’s large fleet did 
 +not lose a single ship even the ones that were in Scandinavia when the Germans ​
 +invaded. Only the full collaboration at the highest levels could have pulled ​
 +that one off.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +<​b>​HOWARD HUGHS</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Howard Hughs was a self-made millionaire and genius. Howard Hughs was not part 
 +of the system, so he was fair game to destroy. Even millionaires like Hughs and 
 +the Hunt brothers have to toe the line, or they can be taken out by the 
 +Illuminati. This doesn’t mean Howard Hughs was virtuous. Howard Hughs gave 
 +Nixon’s brother Donald a quarter million dollar "​loan"​ (gift) in 1956 in order 
 +to continue having vice-pres. Nixon in his pocket. Hughs had been a supporter of 
 +Nixon for many years.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Onassis infiltrated his own men into Hugh’s organization. Chester Davis was from 
 +Sicily, and although he worked for Hughs, took orders from Onassis. In 1955, 
 +Hughs had obtained two doubles, one named L. Wayne Rector and the other Brooks ​
 +Randie. In March, 1957 Onassis’ men at the Beverly Hills Hotel captured Howard ​
 +Hughs using Hughs’ own disloyal men. Hughs was seriously hurt in the kidnapping. ​
 +I believe at this point he was taken to Emerald Isle Hotel in the Bahamas. (Some 
 +of the people who are aware that Onassis captured Hughs, dispute that Hughs was 
 +taken out of the country.) The top floor was rented for the "​Hughes Party"​. For 
 +a month the captive Hughs was shot full of heroin, and then secretly transported ​
 +to a cell on Onassis’ private island of Skorpios. Hughs two doubles stayed on 
 +under the pay of Onassis. One became Hughs, and the other became Hughs’ double. ​
 +Computer programs which can duplicate signatures were used to provide Hugh’s ​
 +signature. The computer and its program used for duplicating Hughs’ signature ​
 +even became public knowledge when the Los Angeles Times had an article on 
 +1/28/71 about a computer which had been programmed to write the signature of 
 +Hughes. The Mormon Mafia that supposedly guarded Hughs actually ran the Hughs 
 +empire for Illuminatus Onassis, which accounts for the change in policies that 
 +were made by Hughs empire. It also explains why they bought up every newsreel ​
 +they could find on Hughes in order to duplicate voice-prints using computers. ​
 +When they were through with the double L. Wayne Rector he was shot at 
 +Rothschild’s Inn on the Park, in London.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +In a meeting with fellow Satanist Joseph Kennedy in September, 1957, the 
 +decision was taken to use the Mafia’s power to get John F. Kennedy elected. The 
 +Mafia was caught in Chicago tampering big time with the voting--but Nixon was 
 +denied a recount of the votes. Nixon backed off from making a fuss, because he 
 +was promised the chance to be President later. Illinois Republicans made an 
 +unofficial recount of 699 paper ballot precincts in Cook County and came up with 
 +the vote in favor of Nixon. Those votes would have changed Illinois’s electoral ​
 +votes and thrown the victory to Nixon. However, Sam Giancana and his henchman ​
 +Mayor Richard Daley were not about to let an official recount take place. In 
 +1961, Joseph Kennedy had a stroke, and John Kennedy and Robert feeling their 
 +freedom, and disliking some of the powerful Illuminati like Aristotle Onassis, ​
 +decided to use their popularity to destroy the conspiracy. I believe Kennedy and 
 +Robert had more courage to take on the conspiracy, due to the fact that they 
 +were familiar with it from having been (in a sense) on the inside of it during ​
 +their days growing up. However, neither son had received the Illuminati training ​
 +and indoctrination that their older brother had, and when be died.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Joseph made a mistake when he decided to replace Joe, Jr. with John (who they 
 +called Jack). The mistake was that John F. Kennedy may have seemed like he’d be 
 +a good Illuminati President, but he actually thought for himself. He thought for 
 +himself because he was young and with that impetuousness and vigor of youth, and 
 +with the popularity he had, he had the possibility to do some good for this 
 +nation. If I were state my evaluation, it would be to tell conservatives that 
 +they have been "​hoodwinked"​. John F. Kennedy did more conservative (preserving ​
 +this nation) things in his Presidency than Nixon and Reagan who are heralded as 
 +conservative. Kennedy didn’t recognize Red China, no-- that was Nixon. Kennedy ​
 +didn’t triple the national debt, no, that was Reagan. The CIA has been out to 
 +get JFK, ever since they realized JFK didn’t view himself as their puppet, but 
 +that he viewed himself as their boss. The head of the CIA on purpose ruined the 
 +CIA’s chances to succeed at the Bay of Pigs. He personally prevented the CIA air 
 +cover from taking off, which the CIA knew that without air support, the 
 +operation had no chance, which was soon proved correct. in everyone’s zeal to 
 +get JFK they blamed JFK.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +It all sounded so believable, because the CIA were going to tell the full story. ​
 +The public is not astute enough to realize that the press had subtly turned ​
 +against Kennedy. Two powerful friends who liked John F. Kennedy and wanted to 
 +help JFK fight the elite were taken out before Kennedy was assassinated. Senator ​
 +Estes Kefauver, whose Crime Commission had discovered the 1932 deal that Onassis, ​
 +Kennedy, Meyer, Roosevelt, Lansky and other Illuminati--Mafia figures had made. 
 +Kefauver was poisoned so that he had a secret poison induced "heart attack"​ on 
 +Aug. 8, 1963. One suspect that might have done it was his subordinate Bernard ​
 +Fensterwald,​ who was also a CIA assassin. The other was Phillip Graham. His wife 
 +Katherine MEYER Graham has been a full participant of the conspiracy and shows 
 +up repeatedly in elite activities. Katherine bribed some psychiatrists to 
 +certify her husband who was editor of the Washington Post was insane. He was 
 +ordered by a judge into a mental hospital. When he was allowed to visit home on 
 +a weekend, he was found "​suicided"​ by a shotgun. Bobby Kennedy had a good idea 
 +who shot his brother. He wrote an unpublished book called The Enemy Within, and 
 +then later he was assassinated too. Actually, the whole establishment were out 
 +to get Kennedy, and even George Bush was involved with the assassination.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +The key to understanding the Illuminati is that it is headquartered in the 
 +London area. The Satanists (and witches) refer to Great Britain as the mother ​
 +country Onassis had the best connections anyone could want in the British ​
 +Government, as would be expected of someone of his standing in the illuminati. ​
 +He had many British friends, just one example is Sir Lionel Heald, the Br. 
 +Attorney General. He attended the exclusive Br. Other Club. When W.W. II broke 
 +out on Sept. 3, ’39, Onassis was living in Savoy Hotel where the headquarters ​
 +for the Illuminati’s Pilgrim Society are. The British London Times backed ​
 +Onassis in his dispute with Peru over whaling. Onassis did finally get himself ​
 +into trouble with illegal whaling when the nation of Norway gathered the 
 +evidence of his lulling of hundreds of whales that were illegal to hunt. Just 
 +two more quick examples of his social connections in Britain are his attendance ​
 +at J.Paul Getty’s party at Sutton Place, Eng. in the ‘50s, and Onassis’ own big 
 +party for the elite on 17 June ’58 at Dorchester, England. As explained in Be 
 +Wise As Serpents, Britain’s overseas intelligence MI-6 is the Illuminati’s chief 
 +intelligence agency.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +There is no way of knowing how many meetings took place dealing with the 
 +planning of the assassination of Kennedy. The first were high level Illuminati ​
 +meetings. But the Illuminati meetings were not operational level meetings. There 
 +were several levels of meetings. Next, a series of meetings by British ​
 +Intelligence at Tryall Compound at Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Mafia meetings at 
 +who knows where. A minor trading company called Permindex was the cover to an 
 +assassination bureau that had its major U.S. subsidiary the International Trade 
 +Mart in New Orleans. The FBI’s Division 5 was tied in with Permindex, and 
 +Permindex’s board of directors had U.N. posts, Mafia positions, European banking ​
 +ties, Nazi ties, etc. In other words Permindex was well connected. By the time 
 +the planning was done, it included certain elements of the CIA and Freemasons. A 
 +Major Lauis Mortimer Bloomfield, Permindex’s Pres. &amp; Chairman, a key player in 
 +Hoover’s Division 5, and a member of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (the 
 +Protestant branch of the Knights of Malta) was a homosexual lover of FBI 
 +director J. Edgar Hoover. All the board of Permindex and many of its various ​
 +subsidiaries were in various areas in November, 1963 carrying out the 
 +assassination and coverup.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +One of the covers for the Permindex operators/​teams was to pose as missionaries ​
 +of the American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC). The whole reason the elite 
 +set up the extensive ACCC was to have a cover for their killing units. For 
 +instance, a group of about 30 of the best marksmen were undercover as part of 
 +ACCC missionary school in Puebla, Mexico, The Tolstoy Foundation (who I have 
 +visited with] were another pseudo "​Christian"​ front. Later, the headquarters of 
 +this assassination group was shifted to Paradise Island, Grand Bahamas to 
 +Intertel. Ian Flemming’s novels write about a Third Force used to create a world 
 +government that was based in the resort islands of the Caribbean. How true that 
 +has become. In the Westerns put out by Hollywood, when the bad guy does 
 +something to the good guy, he runs off with his woman. That is what happened ​
 +with JFK. Onassis was one of the Illuminati kings who decided JFK must go, and 
 +he got to run off with the dead man’s wife. Onassis had already gotten Jackie ​
 +onto his yacht, sexually, prior to Kennedy’s assassination. Franklin Roosevelt, ​
 +Jr. was on board together with Aristotle and Jackie. Jackie didn’t enjoy her 
 +marriage to Onassis. At one point in their marriage when they were swimming nude 
 +at Onassis’ island Skorpios, ten photographers with underwater cameras and 
 +telephoto lens captured Jackie naked and her picture was splashed across Playmen ​
 +and Hustler, etc. Jackie was furious and wanted her husband to sue the 
 +newspapers and magazines, which he refused to do A year before Aristotle died he 
 +actually admitted that he had planned the whole operation. The date given for 
 +the actual Howard Hugh’s death, who had been kept prisoner under horrendous ​
 +conditions by Onassis, was Apr. 18, 1971. In the previous year 1970, Hugh’s ​
 +purported autobiography had come out written by Clifford Irving. Clifford ​
 +Irving’s wife took the publisher’s check made out to Howard Hugh’s to one of 
 +Onassis’s Swiss banks, and was paid.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +<​b>​FAMILY DIFFICULTIES</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Onassis’ second wife was Tina (Athina Mary Onassis) when she divorced her 
 +husband for committing adultery said, "It is almost thirteen years since Mr. 
 +Onassis and I were married in New York City. Since then he has become one of the 
 +world’s richest men, but his wealth has not brought me happiness with him nor, 
 +as the world knows, has it brought him happiness with me."</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Tina divorced Ari and then went on to soon marry a relative of Winston ​
 +Churchill, the Marquess of Blandford. Later, she divorced him and married her 
 +old brother-in-law Stavros Niarchos in May, 1971. But after he killed her sister ​
 +she quit him too.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +<​b>​EUGENIA KILLED</​b></​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Eugenic, the sister-in-law of Ari Onassis, died according to the official ​
 +version of an overdose of sleeping pills. Her body in the post-mortem was 
 +covered with bruises, black left eye, swelling on the left temple. a hemorrhage ​
 +to the left of the larynx and so forth down the rest of her body. Let’s not. 
 +swallow the Illuminati’s propaganda to lull us into sleep about what they have 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +It might also be important to comment on the background of the Uvanos family. ​
 +Both Stavros Niarchos and Aristotle Onassis married Uvanos girls.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +The Uvanos family was a prominent family on the Turkish island of Chios. The 
 +island of Chios had a type of tree, mastic trees that produced an early form of 
 +chewing gum. From the word mastic is where we get the word masticate. Chios was 
 +the private property of the sultan and it was where he kept his harem. The 
 +island was given special royal treatment and allowed to have it full of chewing ​
 +gum, and "booze and broads"​. The Uvanos family was one of the leading families ​
 +on this island.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Interviews with people, and notes from other researchers. Author’s own research.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Genealogy compiled from research notes of this writer Fritz Springmeier. ​
 +Frischauer, Willi. Onassis. NY: Meredith Press, 1968.</​font></​p>​
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 15px; margin-right:​ 15px"><​font size="​2"​ face="​Verdana">​
 +Heymann. C. David. A Woman Named Jackie. NY: Carol Commun., 1989 Lilly, Doris. ​
 +Those Fabulous Greeks Onassis. Niarchos. and Livanos. NY. Cowles Book Co., 1970.</​font></​p>​
 +<p align="​left">&​nbsp;</​p>​
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