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Doing The Mindwork

Everyones friends and family form the society. The society includes every person on Earth. We do not know everyone in the society. Society is not about legal equality, it is simply a fact of a numerous amount of people. Society is about status in the society.

Animals that live in groups develop social structure, individuals compete for rights to breed and the successful rise to power and status while others ostracised, rejected and die.

While the piece can be written from a perspective of the alpha males of the human race, it can also be written from the perspective of society and its animal evolutionary nature, for the ape social structures are close to the human social structure. Instead it is written from the institutions we call society. Humans also exhibit Ant or Formicidae. Some people believe they are programmed to seek and forefully collect resources where ever they can be found, rather can a uniform standard of living that is tasked to rise each year modestly but eventually.

…And institutions may be really about restraining lower society by upper society rather than the perceived reasons for their existence. These groups often denounce proposed institutions that are formed by the populous and celebrate institutions formed by aristocrats.

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